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   Chapter 39

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Ceres, Gil, Old Na, and Old Pang were discussing some matters again near the ever-blooming plum tree.

"We will leave tonight. Did you pack your things already?"

Ceres nodded. Gil didn“t have to answer. Old Pang was silently sipping his tea.

"Before anything else, we will go to Soaring Dragon first. But, Gil must not come with us. He can stay at a city near Soaring Dragon and we will find him after we met up with your brother. Is that clear, Ceres?"

Of course Old Na can“t stop Gil and everyone knew that Gil will only listen to Ceres. Although Gil wanted to protest, Old Na continued his explanation.

"The old man who will help us is not as simple as you think he is. He doesn“t want anyone to randomly come and go to his place."

Ceres understood and she instructed Gil that she will not be harmed and they will not be there for long. She will also immediately send a sound transmission once they“re done.

"Do you have any more questions?"

Ceres opened her mouth.

"Where will we go after Soaring Dragon?"

"We will go to my place. I need to get a few things first before we proceed with your training."

Ceres“ eyes became big. She didn“t expect for Old Na to let them inside his place. She knew that there will be a lot of precious things in it. If Old Pang“s place is already beyond their imagination, what more is Old Na“s?

She was obviously excited. Too bad, it doesn“t show on her face.

After their discussion, Old Na told them that they could have their free time and they will meet after the sun goes down in Old Pang“s garden.

Ceres walked around the city and Gil followed her.

"Princess, I still think that I should go with you to Soaring Dragon. My master wi---"

"No need, Gil. I will not be alone anyway and we will only see my big brother."

Gil wanted to rebut but Ceres held her hand high, signaling for Gil to stop.

"You should also know that I have means to protect myself."

They continued to walk around the city and only headed back when the time was nearing for them to leave.

"...Old Pang, make sure to get more exercise. You must still be here when I visit Roguen City next time."

"Hah! Talk about yourself first. Don“t strain yourself when teaching Ceres or else, you“d leave her alone without learning anything

cestor is one connected to the school and has lived far too long which is why he doesn“t meddle with the affairs of the school unless necessary. Other than that, Old Na didn“t tell other things to Ceres. She can only guess that Old Na and Black Dragon goes way, way, way back in time considering that ancestors are like living fossils and of course, Old Na is a living fossil himself.

Though Soaring Dragon has a magic array for protection and concealment, Old Na can easily pass through it and walk around their school any time he wants to. However, he did not do that and instead, he made Holly land not too far from the school“s entrance. He then sent a sound transmission to Black Dragon saying that he“ll be arriving at one of the school“s entrances with someone. He and Ceres walk for some minutes and saw two people standing beside an ordinary looking tree. They are wearing heavy metal armor and on its right chest area, a small profile of a dragon head facing northwest with a fierce eye and opened mouth was engraved on it. It is the insignia of the Soaring Dragon. Looking at the two armor-wearing people and the tree, this is definitely one of the entrances for the school grounds.

As soon as the two people saw Old Na and Ceres, they respectfully bowed before saluting.

"Headmaster is waiting inside. Please continue forward."

Old Naonly nodded and continued on. He passed through the tree located between thetwo people and Ceres followed him. The tree was part of the magic arrayprotecting the school. -tbc

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