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   Chapter 38

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Dotrald was currently standing beside his son“s bed. His son, Danilo, is still unconscious.

"Sir general, we must immediately find a spirit healer for your son. I can heal his physical injuries but for the spiritual body, I can“t tell how damage it is."

Dotrald knew that the injuries of his son were severe. He wanted to ask for the royal physicians but, Arcyl told them to stay away from the royal family as far as possible. He can only turn to the church and the Holy Cross Academy. The distance of the school from the city was not great but asking for help is a bit troublesome. The church really doesn“t do anything without payment.

He went outside of his son“s room and proceeded to another hall within their mansion. There he saw his other brothers waiting for him.

"How were your sons“ conditions?"

He was asking both Noctyrus and Simbeon.

"They just needed months for recovery. Nothing too serious happened. How about Danilo“s? Did you already contact the church?"

"My subordinates are on their way."

Everyone was nervous. They didn“t think that the first prince was this powerful. He was clearly displaying his power. He“s clearly stating that their lives may be in his hands if they don“t know their place.

"We will stop meddling with the royal family and continue with our work. Someday, that prince will pay for this debt. For now, we have to endure."

Dotrald says that but he was clearly thinking of something else.

"Your daughter... What will you do with her?"

Noctyrus knew that Beatrice will not stop getting sloe to the third prince unless Dotrald told her to stop.

"She will be safe if she stays within their school."

"You will not tell anything? What if she still persists to get close to the third prince?"

"That doesn“t need your concern. Anyway, how“s the medicine, Lonwarlt?"

"Almost done. I just need a

secret anymore among the major families.


"You little..."

Old Pang didn“t know if he would be angry or not when he heard that Ceres used up all of his precious herbs to heal that old man. He knew that Ceres was lying but he can“t control this little demon in front of him.

"Now, now, Old Pang, don“t get mad. You can just find those herbs anyway."

Old Na was trying to calm Old Pang before he coughed twice to get Ceres“ attention.

"You two must first rest. Tomorrow we will talk about what“s ahead of us."

Ceres nodded and went to her room in Old Pang“s house. Gil followed her.

"I know you, Old Pang. You were actually overjoyed hearing she was able to heal that old man."

Right after Ceres and Gil left, Old Pang was actually trying not to smile. He was very proud of his pseudo-disciple.

"That child can be considered as my disciple. Of course, I will be proud! To think that she needed only a month... I only taught her for two months! This old man was never satisfied with just anybody. If someone was to inherit my skills, he should be someone destined for greatness!"

"That is my disciple, not yours."

Old Na couldn“t help but tease Old Pang. But of course, Old Pang wouldn“t back down from Old Na. -tbc

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