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   Chapter 37

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"I know you will curse me for telling this to you. I know that you didn“t want to fight for power. I know aunt Silva will hunt me soon for telling you about this. But fourth brother, you are the second prince. You can“t ignore your position. You have the lives of people in your hands. To protect what your mother painstakingly sacrificed for, all I can do is ask for your assistance. I need you to protect not only our family but this land and its people. Fourth brother, can you do it?"

After a month of treatment, Liuis“ condition almost came back to his peak condition. Even though he can finally stand up and roam around, his real condition was still concealed. They still portrayed Hunts family as a weak family nearing its end but despite that, those in the light know that the Hunts family is as stable as they were before. They are still the most powerful family in Moss Valley.

The authorities tried to link the Tanumo family“s demise to both Dante and Hunts families but they just can“t find any evidence. Everything was done without any room for error. How Ceres did that? Nobody will perhaps know.

"You need not see us out. We will need to secretly leave Moss Valley. If there“s anything you need to know about your grandfather“s treatment, you may contact me through the sound transmission."

Ceres and Gil packed their things and were ready to go when Orion, Guy, and Liuis wanted to see them off.

Liuis respectfully bowed to Ceres.

"I can“t thank you enough for what you have done to our family. In the future, I hope that we will see each other again and not in the secret anymore."

Liuis laughed and after a few seconds, he became serious and respectful again.

"Please tell your master, sir Pangeon, that whatever assistance or request he needs, Hunts family will do anything to help him."

Ceres didn“t say anything and slightly bowed to Liuis after which, Orion went near her and wanted to talk to her privately. Liuis and Guy gave way. Guy was talking to Gil and also thanking him while Liuis went out of the courtyard to give them space and time to bid their farewells.

"What will you do from now on?"

Orion asked Ceres.

"What do you want to say?"

Ceres knew that it wasn“t the thing that Orion wanted to talk about.

"About the payment..."

Orion hesitantly says but he can“t avoid the topic either.

"You already paid for the treatment and herbs. About the other one... I will settle with a promissory note. Once you become the king, you can definitely pay me."

Ceres passed by him and was about to go to Gil and tell

d of Ellion family but instead, for his own. He wanted to teach his son but never did he imagine that the first prince would take action to this extent.

"The major families stayed away from taking any sides with the first and third prince. Tell me, doesn“t your action of wanting Beatrice to marry the third prince clearly tell everyone that you support the third prince?"

No one wanted to speak when Arcyl was angry and even Dotrald kept silent.

"Every one of you must clearly have a view of the whole picture. Do not be blinded by greed and power, only to miss other parts of the picture. Did you think that by supporting the third prince, you will step up and hold more power and higher position in this kingdom? That kid is still young! He doesn“t even want to inherit this kingdom!"

Arcyl clenched his fist and slammed it in the table.

"Do I need to tell you everything? Can“t you do anything by yourselves without making trouble for this family?"

After some minutes of silence, Arcyl started speaking again.

"Don“t do anything rash and stay away from the third prince and the emperor. Also, don“t take revenge on the first prince at any cost. You don“t know this but something big will happen in this kingdom soon. If you guys make an enemy out of the first prince at this point of time, make sure to have a place to hide outside of this kingdom. I“m already too old and whether this family flourishes or disappear, I will not care at all."

Arcyl, of course, care about the Ellion family but he needs to teach his sons a lesson. Also, his favorite son was already gone. He knew that aside from Ceraph, no one in his family would be able to rescue their family from the danger of declining. -tbc

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