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   Chapter 36

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The masked person stood up and walked towards Yunoki. As soon as he was near Yunoki, he stopped for a few seconds before he waved one of his hands. Silver blurs dash out from his sleeves and went straight into Yunoki“s heart. He was still numb and couldn“t feel that something is currently embedded in his chest. Meanwhile, the masked person once again waved one of his hands after which, Yunoki started to feel something. He felt his whole body was being pierced with millions of needles.

He tried channeling his essences but still, it was no good. He still couldn“t control it. He fell on his bed and started touching his chest area which hurts the most. He didn“t see or feel any blood but his chest area definitely is aching. He could also feel his heart beat started to slow down as if it would stop at any moment.

Is he going to die? How can someone sneak into their mansion and how can someone escape from his senses?

Yunoki tried to look at the person standing in front of him. Their eyes met but then, Yunoki“s mind went blank.

"The patriarch died. The others will soon follow him."

The masked person left Yunoki“s bed chamber and went to his herb garden.

"I shall gladly receive this bonus."

After some time, the masked person was nowhere to be found in the Tanumo mansion. The Moss Valley remained silent and tranquil; as if nothing happened at all.


The next morning, news spread in Moss Valley. The important figures of Tanumo family inside their mansion all died. Even the youngsters were not spared. The only surviving people were some servants and guards.

Everybody seemed to have died from a strange illness. They do not have any wounds or scars in their body and appeared to have been sleeping when they died. This brought fear on some of the residents of Moss Valley. Others rejoiced at the death of the Tanumo family particularly the Dante family.

Of course, such news has also reached the Hunts family.

Ceres was quietly drinking tea in the courtyard of Liuis. Gil was, as usual, standing behind her. Orion was sitting across from Ceres and Guy was standing beside the door of Liuis courtyard. Liuis was peacefully resting on his bed. The spirit healing session for the day has just ended.

A lot of things are going through Orion“s mind right now. The most evident one is a kid assassinating the whole Tanumo family.

"Matters regarding the aftermath, it“ll be your responsibility."

Ceres said those words after she sipped her tea.

"I know. They will, of course, suspect our family."

Orion placed his hands in front of his lips thinking of plans to make sure that their household will be safe. He wasn“t used to this kind of thing. Planning and strategizing wasn“t his thing. B

ity of a woman from a major family. But, Silva didn“t care and still agreed. She didn“t fight for the position or power. She only wanted to get one thing that could help everyone in Moss Valley. The dowry was the land deed for Moss Valley. Liuis was tired of the power struggles and was about to give up. Moreover, Silva was his only daughter. But, he has to agree. For the sake of everyone in Moss Valley, he agreed to Silva“s marriage. Silva knew everything.

Silva didn“t want her son to know the truth. She didn“t want her son to be caught up in any kind of power struggle. What mother wishes to harm her son? She didn“t want him to learn about such responsibilities because she wanted him to be free. If Orion was exposed to the fight for the throne and knew of how he needed to serve and protect people, he wouldn“t be free and all his life will always be for the greater good. That is the bitter truth of those in power; always thinking of others before yourself.

And, in case Orion becomes free or in case he doesn“t have any place to call home, Hunts family will always be in Moss Valley. Because the deed was already theirs, Moss Valley will always be the home of their family. Orion will always be welcome in their mansion. This is also the reason why she agreed to marry Dwight.

"Why are you telling me this?"

Orionfinally asked. For the first time, he finally felt the real weight of hisposition. -tbc

A/N: This time, there are two reasons why I went online. First is because of my former colleague who wanted help and second, I wanted to message my friend who“s currently in Japan about my dream. Haha! I dreamed that he“s going to get married while he“s still in Japan and that I flew over there to congratulate him.

He replied back with, "That“s still far in the future! I have a lot of things to do".

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