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   Chapter 35

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Currently in the study room of Dwight Winsterein, he is listening to one of his subordinates report.

"...The first prince is currently on the move and teaching the brats of the Ellion family. Also, the Hunts family is on the verge of breaking down. The Tanumo family said that Liuis Hunts will only last for a year. His son, Henry, is the one managing the family affairs as of the moment. Prince Orion also returned in their mansion."

When King Dwight heard that his son returned, he knitted his brows. He couldn“t help but be suspicious.

"Is there anything different about him?"

"As a matter of fact, your Highness, there“s nothing different about him. Aside from his occasional visits to sir Liuis, nothing is unusual in their household."

"Why do I feel that something will happen at Moss Valley? Poisoned Ghost Body probably didn“t do his job properly. What“s the plan of the Tanumo family?"

"They said that they will soon execute another plan."

"It“s good that they know how to work. I can“t wait that long to ruin the Hunts. Moreover, keep on tracking Glenn“s movement as well as Dotrald“s. Immediately notify me of any changes."

"Yes, your Highness."

The person dressed in a knight“s attire bowed and started walking out of the study room.

Dwight doesn“t trust the Tanumo family that much but whether they succeed or not, he can acquire the land deed through other plans. However, he is much more interested in Glenn and Ellion“s fight.

"Glenn, I know you have been contacting our enemies. Do you think that by smuggling people into this kingdom, you will be able to achieve anything?"

Dwight smiled at his own thought. It seems like he is much more excited in bringing down his own son than the

. As he was about to sit, he noticed that the window was open. His instinct says that something feels wrong. He was about to wake up his wife but when he looked at her, she wasn“t breathing anymore. He was about to stand up when he suddenly couldn“t feel his body. He was paralyzed! He couldn“t even shout for help.

He readied himself to cast magic and control his spiritual essences. However, he was surprised to discover that he couldn“t control it! Everything was chaotic inside his spiritual body.

What is going on here?!

Acrossfrom Yunoki, a person was sitting in a chair and quietly watching him. The person“slegs were crossed and one of his hands was placed in his cheeks. It looks likehe is watching something that amuses him. -tbc

A/N: Ahhh... I don“t feel or experience writer“s block but instead, I feel like I“m always low in energy. Maybe, this is due to my negligence when it comes to healthy living. Now that I“m free of stress and pressure, everything just comes down all at once! ;A; Before, I was always under stress and pressure and hard work (over-time; working 7 days a week) but now that I“m not, I“m just not use to it. ;A;

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