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   Chapter 34

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"Where is Cerbous? Did he come out of his room?"

Ryujin asked a middle-aged man standing in front of him. He is busy sorting out some documents and called out this middle-aged man to know Cerbous“ situation. This is also the same man that saw Cerbous come out of his closed door training: Gol.

Gol is a teacher in Soaring Dragon. He specializes on earth-based skills and is known as a great earth knight. He studied at Soaring Dragon and when he retired, decided to teach in the school.

"He still hasn“t come out."

Ryujin didn“t reply and continued looking at the papers in front of him.

"Headmaster, that kid is frightening. If he keeps this up, I don“t know what will happen. Will we really be able to nurture a great asset or a great trouble?"

Gol opened his mouth to voice out some of his opinions. He is really confused if the kid is a genius in a good way or a genius that would bring misfortune to everyone. All he can think of is how they haven“t really taught the kid that much and more of his improvement resulted in his own insight and understanding.

After hearing what Gol said, Ryujin couldn“t help but furrow his brows. He put down the paper he was looking at and massaged his forehead.

"That kid. He doesn“t need that much teaching. He only needs the resources we can offer. Even I, myself, couldn“t teach him anything."

Ryujin stood up and placed his hands behind his back. He seems to be in deep thought.

"The Time Mage came."

When Gold heard the name, he looked surprised. What does that person want from their school, is his thought.

"Headmaster we should... we should notify the ancestor."

"Prepare for departure. I will immediately see the ancestor."


As soon as Gol said yes, he immediately dashed out of the room. Ryujin was left and still in deep thought.

He didn“t really bother that much with the Time Mage because he knew that the Time Mage wouldn“t get involved in their affairs. What he didn“t expect is why the Time Mage spoke about Cerbous. This was his prized disciple. Even though, he cannot actually tell that he teaches him because he doesn“t need to do much, he is still the one responsible for Cerbous. If something is related to Cerbous, is it good or bad for their school?

When Cerbous went out of the “special training ground“, he didn“t

ung girl stood up and bowed three times to the statue before a woman covered her body with a dark blue coat.

The young girl walked and stopped in front of the woman dressed differently from them. She was followed by the ten women who bowed towards the woman in azure dress.

"Is her majesty worried about something?"

The young girl smiled at the woman but her blue eyes did not contain any emotions. It“s as if you are looking into the deep blue sea without any light.

"The divination... What did it say?"

The prayer ritual that the young girl and the ten women did is a kind of divination for the Sea God Temple. The young girl asks for guidance and knowledge from the sea god that they worship. Each divination foretells something about their island. This kind prayer ritual only happens twice a year and there are no specific days. Only the young girl can tell when the sea god would tell them something.

"Facing the rising sun, high clouds will meet each other and a hidden dragon will emerge. This is what the sea god told me."

As soon as the woman dressed in azure gown heard this, she immediately walked towards the main door of the prayer room. But, before she could even leave the room, the young girl said,

"This could either be a fortune befalling our island or a calamity. Pick one, your Highness."

The azure dressed woman continued walking out of the room. She is the current Empress of the Sea God Island, Nametha Lastinger. The young girl, on the other hand, is the current priestess of the Sea God Temple, Rue. -tbc

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