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   Chapter 33

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"Yes, hire me. I“ll give your enemies the bitter taste of revenge."

Ceres didn“t look like she was joking. At the moment, Orion can“t help but be confused. Gil, on the other hand, looked like it was nothing. Deep inside, he was worried about the princess.

Ceres brought out a small bottle and placed it on the table. It was the bottle containing the parasite that she got from Liuis“ body. One can see that the parasite inside was not moving. It“s a small reddish brown thread-like parasite. One cannot even see the difference between its head and tail due to being so small.

"This became thread-like because it exhausted all the essences it has absorbed and thus, died. This is the original appearance of the parasite that lived inside Liuis“ body. Don“t underestimate this one because it has devoured numerous parasites to survive and became incredibly strong."

Poison masters would usually have this kind of parasite. They would place different types of deadly parasites in a host“s body and the one who survives will be the strongest parasite. Of course, the host cannot be some weakling. The prerequisite is that you also have a strong host to endure the numerous parasites fighting for survival. This also serves as a torture. Poison masters do this in order to obtained different types of toxins as well as use the parasite for torture purposes.

"Poison master...? So our enemies hired a poison master? How did my grandfather acquire this thing?"

Orion can“t believe that someone would really torture a person using such tactics as well as obtain something that can be used to deal with other people.

"Every parasite is different from each other in many ways. This particular one can infect its host through ingestion however, to be infective, it needs a specific herb."

"What herb is it? How can it help us identify the culprit?"

"Star-petal ice flower."

One knows that Star-petal ice flower is a type of plant that grows in extremely cold areas. It can only be found in the northern most part of Winsterein kingdom. The herb is beneficial for t

n chaos. The mining area is too weak which would result to the destruction of the mountain and the lands and in turn, massive landslides.

The current emperor is not as good as the previous one. He does not care that much for the destruction of Moss Valley, if he can even get hold of that mining area, he would be happy since it could increase the source of income of the kingdom. This is also why Liuis knew that somehow, the current emperor is also involved in this.

Almost all the major families in the kingdom are loyal to the previous emperor. Even though this incident may result in the eradication of Hunts family, Liuis still thinks that he can never give the deed to just anyone. He wanted to save his family as well as the deed and all he can think of is passing the deed to another person.

"...But your vengeance, I can carry out. Hire me and I can even eradicate the Tanumo family."

In the midst of Orion“s confusion and deep thinking, Ceres blurted out things that are out of this world. How can a mere child be able to easily dirty his hands with blood? Orion does not know if Ceres is a savior or someone who“ll bring destruction in his life.

On the other hand, Ceres loves to do such jobs. She also wanted to test her assassination skills in this world. Moreover, she wanted to draw out one of the popular assassins of this kingdom, Poisoned Ghost Body. -tbc

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