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   Chapter 32

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"It“s really a surprise that the legendary Time Mage would visit our humble school."

A middle-aged man came into the room dressed in azure scholarly clothes. He sat across Old Na who was drinking tea. The middle-aged man is the current headmaster of Soaring Dragon and also the master of Cerbous, Ceres“ brother: Ryujin Castern.

"I only came here to talk to Black Dragon."

"I have to apologize but ancestor is currently in closed door training. We don“t know when he will come out. But, he also told us that if the Time Mage came for a visit, we must treat him respectfully and do what we can to assist him"

Old Na really didn“t have that many friends. He doesn“t want to interact to a lot of people particularly those with hidden motives.

"Have you seen something, sir Time Mage?"

Seeing that Old Na didn“t say something, Ryujin teased Old Na.

"If Black Dragon is not here then, I“ll come again another time."

Old Na stood up and started walking towards the door. When he was about to leave the room, he stopped and asked,

"I believe you have a student here named Cerbous."

Ryujin“s face twitched hearing Old Na mentioned his disciple“s name. He knew that the Time Mage has the ability to see the future. Currently, he was wondering why the Time Mage who disappeared for a long time suddenly visited their school. If this has something to do with a future he has seen, is it good or bad? But now that he mentioned Cerbous, would something happen to his prized disciple?

Old Na saw the change in Ryujin“s face and aura.

"I“m just asking where he is and how is he doing?"

"May I know why?"

"Do you have the authority to ask me a question?"

Old Na immediately released a pressure on Ryujin. Even though Ryujin is already powerful for others, he was still unable to do anything about Old Na. Moreover, he clearly knew that he cannot offend the mage in front of him even though he doesn“t want to respect him.

He can only answer Old Na“s question.

"Cerbous is my disciple and he is currently in close-door training. We hope that nothing will

reading documents in his office while talking to his secretary.

"The first prince, on the other hand, is spreading his influence. A lot of the ministers have made decisions to side with him. This will be bad for the third prince."

"It“s fine this way. As long as the major families do not give in then we won“t have any problem."

The secretary has a worried face instead.

"The Ellion family clearly declared their position when they proposed the marriage for the third prince. If the first prince knew this, he will surely make a move."

"That child of mine is cunning and I cannot control him. But, the good thing here is that Arcyl still holds the highest position in the Ellion family. I“m sure my first son already knew about this incident. He still has a lot of things to learn particularly not messing with major families."

"You mean to say...?"

"Arcyl won“t just quietly look when someone tries to harm them. This may also serve as a lesson for the first prince."

"Your Majesty, you“re using this as a lesson to the first prince? What if Arcyl gets too difficult to handle? Wouldn“t we lose both the first prince and the Ellion family?"

"That idea is not bad."

The emperor continued looking at the documents in his desk while the secretary wiped his sweat. Deep inside, the secretary though that the emperor is someone you really shouldn“t mess with. -tbc

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