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   Chapter 31

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Ceres took out a box of needles from her sleeves along with a fine thread and a dagger. The needles, thread, and dagger were cleaned with some liquid from her space bag and placed on top of the fire before setting them aside. Before proceeding with the operation, she have already gathered and channeled spirit essence onto Liuis“ body. She was planning on cornering the parasite by luring it with spirit essence. Then, she inserted needles on different parts of Liuis body before opening his chest and heart. As her dagger sliced through Liuis“ heart, everyone suddenly noticed that Liuis was not breathing. He was dead! Guy was about to run towards them when Orion stopped him. Orion was anxious but because he made an oath to fully trust Ceres, he would do so.

After some time, Ceres started closing Liuis“ heart and chest using some needles and thread. She also placed her hands in the middle of his chest as she channels spirit essence onto him. Then, a series of inserting and pulling out of needles amazed Orion and Guy. Along with this scenario, everyone can see that there are black smoke coming out from the places were Ceres inserted and pulled out the needles. After some more minutes, she patted Liuis“ chest before he woke up and coughed a lot of black liquid. Ceres immediately held a basin were Liuis could puke the black liquid. She gestured him to lie down after. Then, she proceeded to the small clear jar near them and everyone saw that something was moving inside it. She cleaned it first with warm water before placing it in another liquid that came from her space bag.

Orion, seeing that Liuis was already awake, was going to go near them when Ceres stopped him.

"The poison is too strong here. You might get infected if you come closer. Gil, give them the antidotes and you take one too."

Gil followed Ceres orders and took out three white pills from his pocket. He gave the two to Orion and Guy and swallowed the third pill. Seeing Gil swallow the pill, Orion and Guy hesitated at first before swallowing theirs.

Ceres took out her medicinal cauldron and placed warm water on it. She lit the cauldron and after which, she took the basin with black liquid and got some samples before placing everything else on the medicinal cauldron. She has also placed some herbs inside and after some minutes, one can see that the black smoke has already disappeared. They do not know what Ceres did to

clearly heal Liuis in one week. One month is too long and shows how she still needs to train her control of spiritual essences. Also, if she wasn“t in a hurry, she will be overseeing Liuis“ entire recovery. However, because of some circumstances, she needs to go back and train as soon as possible.

"Thank you very much for all your help. I promised to pay you. But, can you also identify the culprit?"

The air seemed to be heavy as the conversation became so serious.

"What do you plan to do after knowing who the culprit is?"

"Of course, I would get my revenge!"

Even with his resolution and killing intent, Ceres thought that he was very childish.

"Given your strength, you won“t be able to do something to them."

Orion can only grit his teeth. He also knew the extent of what he can actually do but even so, he couldn“t let those people go so easily.

Seeing that Orion was thinking a lot, Ceres said,

"I“ll propose something."

"What is it?"

"Hire me."


Orioncouldn“t help but be dumbfounded. What does Ceres mean? Hire her? For what? Butfor someone like Orion, how could he have guessed that Ceres is a professionalassassin before anything else? -tbc

A/N: I wasn“t really going to post anything online since I didn“t plan to surf the internet anyway. But, I received news about one of my biases who will perform in our country soon. ;A; I just had to go online and express my happiness and gratitude and of course, flail with other people. In the end, might as well post chapters since I don“t have anything to do. :)

By the way, hi Kradness~! <3 See you soon! :*

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