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   Chapter 30

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"In three years, you will compete in the Great Magi Conference. I wonder if that brat will also make it?"

An old man wearing elegant clothing of prestigious families was talking to a young man dressed in the same fashion. They are currently eating breakfast in a long table with sophisticated decorations and surrounded by several servants. This is one of the dining halls in the Fay kingdom“s royal palace.

The young man wiped his mouth with a white cloth and stood up.

"Whether he makes it or not, he still doesn“t deserve Leona. I“ll take my leave."

The young man walked out of the hall while the old man had a smile on his face. He was the current emperor of the Fay kingdom, Leowis Reynolds.

"Tell me, Rupert. Is there anyone worthy in my children“s eyes if all of them are too protective of each other?"

A middle-aged man standing beside the emperor bowed before speaking.

"Your Highness, this only shows how well you and the Royal Queen have raised your children."

The emperor couldn“t help but sigh.

"I am getting older and I want to be able to see my grandchildren. Those kids, I don“t even know if they have high standards or they just don“t want to inherit this kingdom. That first son of mine, he clearly needs to step out of their school but he insists on continuing while managing some of the affairs in our kingdom. Why can“t he just focus on one thing? Like finding a suitable woman to marry? This breaks my heart and maybe in a year, I“ll die without knowing who these children will marry."

"I believe that they are thinking about these things carefully and also, you are not that old, your Majesty."

The emperor exhibited a hearty laugh and afterwards, he decided to finish breakfast and start working.


"First brother!"

The young man turned around only to see a young woman dressed in a lovely purple dress decorated with white lilies.

"What are you doing here, Leona?"

The young woman who seems to be around 14 years of age ran towards the young man and tightly hugged his arm. This young woman is Leona Reynolds, the Fay kingdom“s sole princess. On the other hand, the young man who appears to be around 19 years old is Lennard Reynolds, the crown prince of Fay kingdom.

"I heard that you took a vacation from school and im

and help this household."

Her smile didn“t last long because she immediately turned to look at Liuis. But, because of that smile, Orion was stunned. Something inside him didn“t feel right. It was as if he was given another hope, something to look forward to. A child abandoned was suddenly picked up.

He stood there frozen but after a few seconds, Ceres spoke and he immediately stood back with Guy and Gil near the door.

"Let“s start."

Ceres asked for an empty basin, two basins of clean warm water, a lit candle, and a clean cloth to be placed on the bedside table beside her. After everything was prepared, she got herself a chair and sat down beside Liuis“ bed. She took out a pill from her space bag and asked Liuis to ingest it. She also took out a small clear jar from her space bag and placed it on the bedside table.

Subsequently, she also asked Liuis not to worry about anything and to not resist anything that he would feel. She uncovered the blanket of Liuis so that she could see his body. Afterwards, she opened his upper clothes in order to expose his chest. She would operate on his heart right at this moment.

Eventhough Orion was still worried, he could only place his hopes on Ceres. IfLiuis suddenly died because of this procedure, he would let everyone of theHunts family escape before killing himself. -tbc

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