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   Chapter 29

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After sending Ceres and Gil to their respective rooms, Guy was about to prepare something for them to eat when Ceres told him not to. Ceres specifically told him to not disturb them and only call them tomorrow when Liuis and Orion have made their decision.

Ceres and Gil“s rooms were next to each other. It“s a good thing that they gave them separate rooms because if not, it would be difficult to ask Gil not to go sleep outside the room.


Ceres was obviously alone in her room but the moment she spoke his name, Gil appeared behind her.

"Purchase these herbs when you find them."

Ceres gave a list of herbs to Gil and after receiving it, Gil disappeared. She, on the other hand, sat cross-legged on the floor and went to meditate once more.


"Old Na, you“re leaving? Are you going to follow your disciple because you“re worried about them?"

Old Pang was teasing Old Na as soon as he sees him packing some tea leaves. Old Na loves drinking tea like Old Pang so when he travels, he packs tea leaves like it is necessary for one“s survival.

"I“m going to Soaring Dragon. That girl asked me if she could meet his brother."

Apparently, Old Na wasn“t in a good mood. He really didn“t want to go to that school or to any school in particular.

"Oh? Without Black Dragon, will you be able to enter that school?"

Hearing Old Pang“s statement, Old Na furrowed his brows. He started having more headaches.

"Black Dragon is not there? Where is he? Did he finally leave that school?"

"You know that guy never stopped reaching the peak. I heard that he“s in closed door training."

"Really? When did you hear this?"

"I can“t remember."

Old Na can“t help but sigh. If Old Pang doesn“t even remember when he heard it then, a few years have possibly gone by. However, Old Na can“t also toss away the idea that close door training takes to

the path of a magic warrior and reach its top.

"We will notify the headmaster of what you plan. But remember to not push yourself too hard or else, everything will crumble once you go down the wrong path."

Their decision only shows how they treasure this young man in front of them. For others, listening to and obeying the orders of their teachers and elders is the right thing to do. But, for this young man who only cares about magic skills and martial way, he didn“t find his actions offensive.

The young man accompanied by the yellow dressed man disappeared into the darkness.

"That kid is frighteningly excellent. I hope you don“t disappoint everyone, Cerbous."



Gil appeared in front of Ceres who was sitting cross-legged in her bed.


She didn“t even open her eyes to look at Gil.

"I have gathered the herbs you requested. All were bought out from this city and the nearby towns."

Gil placed a space bag on the floor between them.

"Good work. Thank you. What about the information I have requested?"

"About that..."

Everythingwas then passed on to Ceres and she had remembered it all. The question is,will she be able to heal the grandfather tomorrow or will she fail her test? -tbc

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