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   Chapter 28

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"The poison in your body has already spread so much that it invaded your organs and bone marrows. Getting this poison out of your body would not be a big deal though, it may take time. Now, the problem lies with the source of the poison. It is inside your body. We need to take it out soon or else, your spiritual body would be further weakened and may even be permanently damaged. Not only that, your life essence has been continuously decreasing as it remains in your body. It has already taken a few years from you. This thing eats both your spiritual and life essence at an alarming rate. Fortunately, you have a solid foundation that you survived this far."

When all of them heard this information, they were all speechless. Something that eats both your spirit and life essence without you knowing is certainly dangerous. How can a person be infected with such thing?

"This is a certain type of parasite. It was something that survived through devouring other parasites for a long period of time. The reason why it is hard to find is because it has concealed itself with your life essence while hiding in the innermost part of your body."

"Wait! How did you know about this if even numerous experts weren“t able to find out about this? And also, how did my grandfather acquire such a thing?"

Orion was seriously anxious. He has heard that this parasite has already taken a few years from his grandfather and as they speak, it is continuously devouring his life essence. Thinking about the time when his grandfather acquired this disease, it was only a matter of two months. Such thing already took a lot from his grandfather in that short amount of time and of course, he is extremely worried. If something happens to his grandfather, their family might really collapse. Even though he says that he doesn“t care about the Hunts anymore, the blood of Hunts is still flowing inside him.

"If others can“t find it, it doesn“t mean that I can“t as well. This parasite must enter your body through ingestion or open wounds. I can“t estimate the exact time when you had been first infected with this parasite so I can“t exactly tell you how you acquired it. But if I take out this parasite, I may be able to give you more information."

"Will you be able to take it out?"

Liuis was also anxious but it never showed on his face. He knows that their family has enemies and it is inevitable for them to get killed. He already accepted that he will die sooner or later but he is not yet ready. He still has to turn over everything to the next patriarch and it was still too soon for Henry.


. I thought that you might be able to take care of him while you“re living on your own. I“m saying this because our household is nearing its end. If I can“t be healed then, there“s no way we can keep our household."

"Are you saying that... There“s no other way? You are only concern of continuing our bloodline but not of this household! I told you I“ll sacrifice my freedom and beg father to save you! If you die... If this household meets its end... Then, for what did mother die? I refuse for you to give up on your life!"

"His Highness has already abandoned you. He told us that he will not acknowledge you anymore. The first prince is doing well with his duties and he is expanding his influence throughout the kingdom. The third prince is an exceptional magician and is also gaining favourable attention from the Royal Emperor. This is why he told us that even though you beg him for your position in the royal family, he will just ignore you. He only considers the two princes as his sons. You were not even treated as part of his family. I didn“t want to tell you this but I had no choice. You don“t deserve that person as your father. He is the emperor before he became your father. That is why you must not take this into your heart. Live freely. Don“t let others dictate your life. This will probably be my last opportunity to at least become a grandfather to all of you. I“m sorry for everything."

Hearingthis, Orion felt that his heart stopped beating. He thought that he did abandonhis position as royal prince but somehow, his father must still have theconscience and heart of being his father. Unquestionably, what he heard fromhis grandfather today made him feel that he was really abandoned by everyoneinstead. -tbc

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