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   Chapter 27

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Guy briefed Orion about the situation in the mansion. Currently, the elders and Henry are busy managing the family businesses and other affairs. This helped Guy monopolized the taking care of the patriarch.

The Hunts family is not really complex. Due to some circumstances, Orion“s grandfather, Liuis Hunts, remained to be the patriach. His sons and daughters all died so the next in line will come from his grandchildren. There are five grandchildren including Orion. He was the fourth among their generation. His first cousin, Henry, was a disciple of Heaven“s Peak. After graduating, he remained in the household to help manage their household. His second cousin, Fin, was a disciple of the Holy Cross Academy. He“s currently working in the church as a knight. The third cousin, Sean, is currently learning under an expert on magic arrays and incantations. He did not study in any school and was content on being an apprentice of a rogue expert. Orion, on the other hand, was a prince of the kingdom while the fifth cousin, Timothy, is just five years old and also, their grandfather“s favorite.

Orion was not close to anyone except his mother and Guy although this doesn“t mean that he does not get along with his cousins. They just casually greet each other and don“t bother with each other“s affairs.

After talking with Guy and returning to their real identities, Orion visited his grandfather.

When Orion went inside his grandfather“s room, he heard his grandfather coughing. He immediately ran to his grandfather“s side and took a look at him. The wrinkles, white hairs, and soggy skin made his grandfather look a lot older compared to his previous appearance. People who practice magic exhibit healthier conditions and appearances compared to those who do not. This is also the reason why a lot of magicians look younger compared to

formality“s sake and to not attract unnecessary attention, she used the wrist as an excuse.

Next, she started to examine his spiritual body. This also doesn“t require her to hold his wrist but for the same reason as the former assessment, Ceres remained holding his wrist. Using the spirit essences of the environment, she gathered these specks of white light and channeled them into this old man“s spiritual body. A spirit healer does not use his own spirit essence to examine a damaged spiritual body. The reason is that, this may affect the assessment of his real condition and also, cause further damage to the spiritual body.

Although everything only took three minutes, she let go of the wrist only after 30 minutes. Actually, Ceres took a lot of time in the old man“s spiritual body assessment. Because his level was too high for Ceres, he had a much solid and higher level spiritual body which took a lot of time for essences to complete one circulation.

"How“s grandfather? Can you heal him?"

Orion was eager to find out whether Ceres was really able to heal his grandfather or not. He was thinking that if Ceres couldn“t heal Liuis then, they would have to immediately go back to Roguen City and ask Old Pang. -tbc

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