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   Chapter 26

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In the midst of fighting between mercenaries and bandits, everyone realized that the numbers of bandits kept on decreasing and they can pave a way for an escape forward.

Immediately, everyone dashed out for an escape and eventually, left the bandits on that narrow road. Moreover, they also realized that none of the goods were damaged. This is good news for the merchants since they were absolutely worried about their money.

As soon as the coast is clear, everyone decided to take a break. Right at this moment, someone noticed Ceres and Gil appear again in their group. Some of them were voicing out their opinions about the two disappearing during a crucial time and the merchants were angry that they didn“t want to pay anything for the two who sold everyone out to the bandits.

Just when Ceres and Gil decided to leave them alone, an old mercenary spoke for them.

"You all have eyes but you can“t truly use them."

Everyone took it as an insult and was about to voice again their opinions when he continued.

"Those two guys saved us. Before we were even surrounded, those two went ahead and killed far more bandits than everyone else here have killed or injured. They were also the reason why none of the goods were damaged. The archers that were supposed to ambush us were already killed before we even get to the ambush point. Even though we were clearly outnumbered and supposed to have no way of escaping, tell me, why did none of us died? Why did we all safely pass through?"

The old mercenary was clearly a veteran. He coldly snorted and continued to bandage his inju

ask to her.

Finally, they resigned to their own rooms.


The Hunts mansion was located at the farthest east side of the city. Behind it is one of the natural barricades of their city, a mountain side. Their mansion is not that big and is even smaller compared to the Ellion“s but, their environment is so peaceful because of the green sceneries.

"Sir Guy! No one is allowed to come near Master“s courtyard according to his Highness, young master Orion."

"I“ll wait for him here then. Thank you."

As soon as he was about to step into a path leading to his grandfather“s courtyard, he was stopped by a maid. This showed how effective the face masks are and also, how Guy executed the plans perfectly.

Orion stood in a wall waiting for Guy to appear from his grandfather“s courtyard. Just when he was thinking of going out, Guy appeared disguised as him.


BothOrion and Guy were surprised seeing each other“s disguise. Immediately, Guy ledOrion into the latter“s own room so that they can finally return to their realidentities. -tbc

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