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   Chapter 25

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Three days later and after Guy departed, Ceres and the others followed. They rented horses instead of a caravan.

Orion was amazed at how convenient Ceres“ face masks are. They are truly realistic and even he, himself, wouldn“t know if he was in disguise or not. He kept on wondering whether Ceres“ face is also her real appearance. Moreover, he can“t get rid of the thought about Gil and Ceres“ relationship. It doesn“t look like they“re friends at all. He knew that something was off with those two. Perhaps their identities are more troublesome than mine?

The journey from Roguen to Moss Valley in a caravan would take at least two weeks. But, with just horses, it would take a little less than two weeks. Given their time frame, they could arrive at Moss Valley at the same time that Guy arrives there.

That is what Orion thought.

Along the way, Ceres and Gil kept on ambushing bandits. Aside from taking the bandits possessions, they also captured them and presented them to local authorities. This made the journey longer than it should have. Also, they took a lot of detours!

"What are you doing?! Do you badly need money?!"

Right after Ceres and Gil presented the bandits to a random town, Orion couldn“t help but ask what“s been bothering him for so long.

It turns out that aside from the money that they could get presenting the bandits to local authorities, they also could get money from the mercenary guild. They actually registered as mercenaries and were carrying out jobs while traveling to Moss Valley!

Before going out of Roguen City, Ceres and Gil registered as mercenaries. Becoming a mercenary is easy. One must only show his skills, pay a fee of five gold coins and then, he can finally get a badge signifying that he is a mercenary.

an ambush of bandits. There was only one way going to Moss Valley from where they came from and be able to arrive in the fastest time. Because the merchant group wanted to arrive in Moss Valley as soon as possible, despite the mercenaries“ warning, they took the dangerous path. The reason for this path being dangerous is that it can be a great ambush place for bandits. The narrow road makes it difficult to escape any ambush because both paths may be block by bandits if they were numerous.

What the mercenaries“ told them happened, they really met an ambush and they were outnumbered! When they were working on a path to retreat and go back to where they came from, the path was already blocked! At this moment, Orion realized that both Ceres and Gil were nowhere to be found!

Knowingthe two, he knew they were already making their moves. However, the othermercenaries and merchants realized that the two were missing. They have one conclusion:those two sold information to the bandits! -tbc

A/N: I need to work on my other stories (editing and such) but I feel so lazy these past few days. Thinking about it, I think it has something to do with skipping breakfast. Hmm...

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