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   Chapter 24

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Night came and when Orion and Guy was about to sleep, they felt something different. Currently, they rented a room in an ordinary looking inn with two beds to sleep in.

Both of them were alarmed by their instinct and sat up only to see Ceres sitting in a chair and looking amused at them. Gil was standing beside Ceres with his eyes closed.

"Let“s talk about business, shall we?"

After settling down, the four people started their talk. Orion sat across Ceres while Guy was standing near him. Gil, on the other hand, stood in a corner looking as if he was not interested in anything.

"We will leave after five days."

Ceres was the one who broke the silence. Orion still has doubts about Ceres“ healing abilities but honestly, he was scared when he wasn“t able to feel Ceres and Gil arrived in their room.

"May we know what you are planning, sir Cerio?"

Even though Ceres looks like a kid, Guy was being polite towards her because he knows that she is still connected to Old Pang, a legendary figure. Also, Ceres is the key to the patriarch“s life.

"You heard my teacher. He doesn“t want anything to do with outside affairs. If he gets involved, not only you guys but I will also pay a huge price."

Orion and Guy looked at each other. They were also thinking of planning that“s why they didn“t leave immediately.

Ceres told them about her plans. After two days, Guy will leave the city disguised as Orion. He will hire mercenaries to accompany him throughout the journey which would make this more realistic. Also, he will bring with him various herbs believing it could help cure their patriarch. Guy must arrive in the Hunts mansion and everyone must believe that he is Orion. Guy must make a scene. No one must go near the patriarch bed chambers including the servants and guards because the disease may be contagious.

On the other hand, Orion will go with Ceres and Gil. Orion will disguise as a random person. Three days after Guy departs, they will follow. Only when they arrive in Moss Valley will Orion disguise as Guy so that he can go inside the Hunts mansion. When the coast is clear, Ceres and Gil will infiltrate their mansion in secret.

The last thing that Ceres reminded them is to make sure that throughout the healing process, it should appear that the d

s or her spirit essence on it and thereby, further creating a strong proof of identity. The main reason why old jade wood was used to make such crests is because it can store spiritual essence of a person. However, only 10,000 year old and above jade woods can store such spiritual essence for years while younger jade woods can only store for minutes or hours. In addition, to prevent stealing of crests, it is also imbued with magic arrays that lets one drop a blood on it to claim it as his. In this way, not everybody who injects spiritual essence can make the mini-hologram appear.

Old Pang“s disciple crest is designed as three sparks of different sizes enclosed in a circled stalk of leaves. The reason for this design is something that Ceres didn“t bother asking Old Pang.

Aside from his disciple crest and some rare herbs, Old Pang gave Ceres a medicinal cauldron which she can use to concoct pills. It only needed a regular flame and it can refine much better medicines than any other cauldron out there. It was obviously one of Old Pang“s treasures.

After receiving the needed items and hearing more precautions and warnings, Ceres and Gil left Old Pang“s house. They didn“t stop at any particular place but instead, kept on roaming the city. This looks like they“re leisurely taking a break but they are truly erasing their presence and tracks from anyone who might have been following them or have eyes on them.

Laterthat evening, they met with Orion who is now disguised as a random person in acertain bar. -tbc

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