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   Chapter 23

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Ceres looked seriously at the two young men.

"I don“t take anyone“s life as a joke. I do my job properly."

The only reason why Ceres did not say that she has complete confidence in healing Orion“s grandfather was because she was not sure whether the herbs she will need can be procured by the Hunts family as soon as possible. These herbs would obviously be rare and will not be easily acquired.

Old Na coughed twice and Old Pang had more things to say,

"If my pseudo-disciple doesn“t have the ability to heal your grandfather, I will personally go to your residence and take a look at him. However, all of these, of course, come with certain conditions."

Old Pang didn“t say that he would heal the young prince“s grandfather but would only look at his illness. However, for the prince, it was enough.

Orion kowtowed to Old Pang asking his about the conditions.

"My pseudo-disciple must not come into contact with anyone from your family except for the two of you and your grandfather. Everything that he requests pertaining to healing your grandfather shall be provided and if not, don“t expect any of us to take a second look at your grandfather. No one is allowed to know about my pseudo-disciple“s identity and background. You can only tell your grandfather that he is my disciple and I will gift him with my crest to provide proof. But, no other person must know anything related to him. Lastly, Gil will be accompanying you so whatever conditions I have regarding my pseudo-disciple, shall also be applied for his protector. Understood?"

Introducing Ceres as Old Pang“s disciple would help let Ceres examine the Hunts patriarch“s condition. Moreover, Old Pang didn“t want anyone else to know since meddling in other people“s affairs would definitely result in meddling with another“s. He only wanted to test Ceres“ abilities particularly her control of spiritual essences. He knew that this would help Ceres in having a strong foundation and spiritual body. He hasn“t known Old Na that long to not have any knowledge regarding rare attributes.

Both young men agreed to the conditions since those were not really hard to fulfill. However, Old Pang has a last condition that he almost forgot to tell.

"One more thing, do not ever tell anybody where this Old Pang lives. You, being here in Roguen, I“m sure it has already spread and reached the ears of many. I don“t want anyone knowing that after you came here, you brought along two companions and then your grandfather miraculously healed. That will arouse suspicion. Figure out how you can do everything as discreetly as possible. I have stopped meddling with the outside world for a long time. If you break any of the condi

Soaring Dragon and meet my brother? I am worried that if he knew what happened to me, something bad would befall him."

Old Na thought that this girl is too much. She would already be taught by experts and yet, she still requests such irrelevant things. On the other hand, Ceres thought that the safest way to contact her brother was to request a formidable and legendary figure such as Old Na. Although she also has other plans if Old Na refused, this is still the best and safest way given that she is still far from being considered strong.

"Okay, I will promise to help you meet your brother. Soaring Dragon is also not a school to be trifled with. It is one of the known contenders in the Great Magi Conference. They diligently train their students and any hindrances may be eliminated. After you leave for the Hunts household, I will get some information about your brother. This old man is so tired that even if he wants to live peacefully, you still have the nerve to trouble him with such things."

"You did not have to agree on it. I will just find other ways."

"Like infiltrating the school? And you plan on doing that with Evergreen Garden, too?"

Ceres nodded and even though she was serious, Old Na couldn“t help but sigh.

"You! Don“t ever think about doing that! Didn“t I tell you that those schools are places that you can“t afford to offend? What should I even do with you?"

"Teach me. That is what you should be doing, right?"

"Before I teach you anything, you must first strengthen and enhance your spiritual body and essences. Make sure that you“ll be able to triple your spiritual essence so that we can start with your training!"

Old Na“s talk kept Ceres for a half day on that certain room. Finally, after agreeing on some things, Ceres went out with Gil. -tbc

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