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   Chapter 22

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Orion and Guy only stood a bit farther away from the old men. They do not know what to do and blankly stared at them.

Ceres asked Old Na,

"What is it?"

Old Na looked at Ceres and then, at Orion. He closed his eyes and placed one hand on his head.

"I saw you and that guy. Your fate seems to be connected to him."

When Old Pang heard this, he immediately understood. He knew how Old Na was so engrossed at keeping the world“s balance and his ability to see other people“s fate so he thought carefully about the situation.

"Ce---I mean, young lad, do you not want to enter Evergreen Garden?"

When they heard what Old Pang said, all eyes were on him.

"Old Pang, don“t tell me you“d want my sole disciple to enter that place? I already told you that I forbid he—I mean him, from entering that school!"

Ceres could only sigh at how these old men nearly exposed her identity.

"Your disciple wanted to enter that school and clearly it could help he—I mean him, right? But, what you“re really worried is whether your disciple can really enter and what department should sh—I mean he, choose."

Old Na finally gave up because even if he forbids Ceres from entering that school, given her determination, she would definitely do something outrageous. This might even cause more trouble for both of them.

"What departments? What kind of school is Evergreen Garden anyway?"

Ceres posed this question and all that Old Na could do was coughed twice.

"This is the reason why I do not want this person to enter that school. There are a lot more things that this person needs to learn!"

Old Pang patiently explained to Ceres what Evergreen Garden is. There are a lot of schools in the world and some of these do not teach just one type of student. Some schools have a lot of curriculums or departments catering more students and more types of abilities. Evergreen Garden is known for teaching students with excellent potentials in the earth attribute, beast taming, alchemy, and spirit healing.

While they were discussing about Evergreen Garden, Orion and Guy were dumbfounded. Because of their background, they know about Evergreen Garden and how high the standards were. But these people were talking about that school as if it was nothing in their eyes.

"After knowing a lot from Old Pang, do you still wish to enter that school? Clearly, you must have understood by now that no matter what, you do not fit any of their criteria and any of their departments."

"I can try the alchemy or spirit healing department."

Ceres confidently said those words which made Old Na flabbergasted. Know about alchemy and

exceptional control of spiritual essence, one can heal spiritual bodies without even having an attribute at all. The most important task in spirit healing is controlling essences. This is easier said than done. The control of spiritual essences is a combination of mental strength, precision and accuracy, keen senses including that of the mind“s eye, and many more. A spirit healer must know fully well the entire spiritual body of the patient and mold spiritual essences to its shape. The essences must be circulated in the molded spiritual body time and time again for its peak condition to be reached; making sure that the patient will have a sturdy spiritual body. This is also where light and water attribute can further help in spirit healing. Since these attributes have more grasps on the patient“s physical body, they naturally also have a firmer look onto the patient“s spiritual body. They can easily make out a mold of spiritual body when trained properly. However, this is a very difficult thing to do. And, that is not the end; a spirit healer must also help convert the essences into the patient“s attribute using the undamaged parts of the spiritual body, no matter how small or little it is.

There were certainly people in histories who exhibited spirit healing without any attribute at all but because they are very rare, they were almost completely forgotten. Even though people have forgotten about these legends, how can someone like Old Pang and Old Na forget? They are existences with vast knowledge in their respective fields and given their age, they knew more about the world than others. This is also the reason why Old Pang was confident that Ceres have the ability to enter the spirit healing department of Evergreen Garden. -tbc

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