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   Chapter 21

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When Old Na and Ceres got out of the room, they went to the courtyard to look for Old Pang. Seeing the both of them finally done with their discussion, Old Pang was delighted though it never showed in his face.

"Young man, go and make sure that the people outside my house would be gone and never return again. Go!"

Old Pang directed those instructions to Gil who was walking behind Ceres and Old Na. But, before doing anything, Gil looked at Ceres as if he needs her permission first. Ceres looked at Gil before looking back at Old Pang.

"What happened, Old Pang?"

It was Old Na who questioned the sudden instructions of his old friend.

"I went outside only to accidentally hear a conversation of those people. Who told them to discuss things right in front of my house? I didn“t bother them and went back here but they saw me and now they are pestering me to hear them out! You know how I don“t like involving myself with such things so I needed Ceres“ protector to do something but he didn“t want to obey my order and just stood outside your door!"

Old Na sweated profusely because if Old Pang offended the mysterious person through Gil or Ceres, he doesn“t know what would happen to them.

"Forgive young Gil for his actions. You know how he only obeys Ceres, right? Let“s just ask what those people need from you, Old Pang."

"I don“t care what they need. I won“t listen to any of their demands. If you want, you can talk to them. Hmph! I just want to peacefully enjoy my tea."

Old Na looked at Gil and then at Ceres. It seems like he wanted them to talk to the people outside.

"Would it be alright to let them inside?"

Ceres asked before she does something inappropriate. Old Na looked at Old Pang who was leisurely sipping his tea in the wooden porch of the courtyard.

"I“m interested in what those people want. If anything, we can just kick them out. Bring them inside and we“ll all discuss this over some tea. And by the way Ceres, our talk isn“t over."

Ceres didn“t respond to Old Na and instead, walked towards the main door. Gil followed her and he even glared at Old Na.

"What did you two talked about?"

Old Pang asked Old Na when Ceres and Gil went to see the people outside of the house.

"That girl... She

e current patriarch of the Hunts family, is seriously sick and needs the help of sir Pangeon. If sir Pangeon can diagnose grandfather, even if he cannot heal him, we will still fulfill any of sir Pangeon“s requests or desires."

Is this too serious that even the royal physicians cannot help his grandfather, Ceres thought.

"That“s a difficult situation you have in there. However, I might as well tell you that Old Pang doesn“t want to be involved in such matters. There is more to it than what meets the eye. We, old men, do not want to join such struggles."

Orion, even though bowing respectfully, couldn“t help but grip his fists tightly and grit his teeth. It“s one thing for these old men to not participate in power struggles but for them to turn a blind eye to those in need? Bullsh*t. This is why he hated being a part of such families and never having the chance to escape such cruel and demanding fate.

"I need not repeat myself. You can get out of my house right now."

Orion and Guy still respectfully bowed in front of Old Pang and Old Na before turning back to leave. However, right when they were about to leave the courtyard, Old Na suddenly stopped them.

"Oi. What do you think you“re doing? Are you thinking of helping them? I assure you that even if we are old friends, I wouldn“t help you with this."

Old Pang does not have any idea why Old Na would stop them from leaving but, Ceres was different. As she looked at the latter“s face, she knew that he saw something. -tbc

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