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   Chapter 20

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"I can only say that your attribute is not entirely space and time."

Ceres knew this but she never knew what her real attribute is. Maybe, Old Na“s knowledge is really so vast that he can really help her just like what the mysterious man said.

"I do not know your specific attribute but I have read about your ability in an ancient text. The only problem is that there is not much information on it."

"But, you can still teach me, right?"

"Yes, of course. You can control time so I can teach you about it. Anyway, you have the ability to see multiple futures. Possibilities of everything that can happen in a spur of the moment! You may be able to see their past lives and what future they could have if you wished to. Of course, this is something that everyone would want to get their hands on! That is why you must never reveal this ability to anyone."

"How is this different from yours?"

"I believe there is more to this than what meets the eye. You can even control space so there must be something that we should connect here. To answer your question, what I can see is only one future and I couldn“t see further than that. I could interfere to change it but it doesn“t mean that nothing will go wrong. And, what I see are not futures of simple actions. But you, you can see these immediate futures and you can possibly see the far future. Those thousands of images that you said, they are probably the branching possibilities of what might happen the moment you probed my spiritual body."

If I mastered this ability, I might know why some of Ceres“ memories are missing and who tried to kill her. On the other hand, if I can see the future, this life might as well be boring. Also, I don“t know what payment I will have to pay in order to use this ability. I think I shouldn“t use this unless it“s necessary.

"You must not use this when it“s not necessary. Because your attribute is so powerful, the price you might pay will be much bigger than mine. We don“t know yet what price you paid for trying to u---Wait. You didn“t even know what your ability could do. Then, doesn“t this mean that... Your power only needs

joke! One of the disadvantages of being in a school is having a limit to your freedom. Once you become a student, you will forever be indebted to that school and their orders will become absolute. They will always have you tracked. Do you wish for something like that?"

She knew about those things from the books she read and from the talks she heard before particularly from her childhood friend. However, if the only solution is to enter that school, she would definitely need to enter it at all costs.

"I don“t really care."

"Don“t treat this as a joke. Although I know that you can hide your spirit essence even from me but, can you hide your attribute once the school requires you to show it? And what would you do once they discovered you? You can also never enter that school unless you are exceptional! They have standards when recruiting students and also, not because you excel in one thing doesn“t mean that you can enter that school."

Old Na was thinking about a lot of things. He wouldn“t really want Ceres to enter any school after talking to that mysterious person. If anything happens to her, he will be dead and also, her safety will be in danger since schools also have political struggles within and among them. If Ceres is caught in any of this, how can she escape from the clutches of other people? -tbc

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