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   Chapter 19

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"What do you mean? Is there something wrong with my attribute?"

"If you make an oath to not reveal this information to anyone and not letting anyone know about this skill of yours, I will tell you what I know and to the best of my abilities, keep you safe from any harm."

If the old man was going to protect her before, it was only because he was curious about her attribute and then later, got scared of the mysterious person. However, this time, it“s different. He will swear to protect her because he knew that Ceres should really have something to do with the world“s balance!

"I swear to never reveal this information to anyone or my soul shall be shatter---"



"Don“t say things like that!"

"You told me to make an oath."

"Okay. Let us just settle with a promise. If you promise not to reveal this information to anyone... It will be fine."

"I promise."


Ceres stared at the old man. Feeling that he just lost, he started explaining to Ceres what he knows and why Ceres must never ever tell anyone about her ability which includes that protector of hers.


"Sir Orion, we really need to go back home."

"I do not want to go home. I do not even go back to the royal palace and you want me to go back to that insignificant household? I“m happy with my life right now. I“ll continue this until the day I die. Don“t bother me anymore, Guy. I“m no longer the second prince and I“m also no longer part of the Hunts family. I“m just an ordinary adventurer."

The two men are still walking down the streets of Roguen City. This is where Guy found his young master, Orion. After searching far and wide in Winsterein kingdom, he finally found his young master. However, it pains him to see that his young master was no longer interested i

at his house. Just when he decided to go out and buy more tea, he overheard the second prince and his retainer talking.

"What was that?"

Orion didn“t mind Old Pang being disrespectful since he never wanted people to just kneel in front of him. But, the look on Guy“s face was different. He was ecstatic and it“s as if he found a new light!

"Young master! That man was the legendary spirit healer, Pangeon!"

"...How did you know?"

"I once saw his portrait in some news and books! He“s a spirit healer! Young master! He can help the patriarch!"

"Grandfather needed a spirit healer?"

"The patriarch“s sickness is both on his physical and spiritual body! That is why this is not a simple matter, young master!"

"And you want me to beg that old man to heal father? Are you kidding me? I know that legendary existences either charge enormous amount of money or they are so eccentric that they make out of this world requests!"

"Young master! Please try anything for the patriarch! This is the only way for our family to survive!"

"Hold your horses, Guy. What do you mean by the only way to survive? Is there something more than grandfather“s illness?"

"Thetruth is..." -tbc

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