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   Chapter 18

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"You pay with your life or your fate but how come you are still alive right now? If you changed a lot of things back then, how did you survive?"

"A certain way to oppose the huge payment is to become strong. One must be strong enough to carry the burden of all the consequences one“s actions would make. I enhanced my spiritual body and gathered enormous amounts of spirit essence among other things to master my attribute. This helped me control time with fewer conditions and lesser toll on my body and lifespan."


"When I say strong, it doesn“t only pertain to your body but also to your mind, heart, and soul."

Old Na saw that Ceres became confused.

"You would probably know this as you get older. I already told you about my attribute. Now let me see what I can teach you. The moment you teleported, you didn“t feel anything strange, right?"

Ceres said that she only felt her spirit essence depleted. Her physical body was the same however, her spirit essences were exhausted and she had to replenish them immediately. She couldn“t also transfer a lot of essences in a distance further than those three meters.

"It seems to me that your teleportation only needs spiritual essence. It“s good that your rate of replenishment is faster than most of the people. I cannot tell you other abilities related to space because I“m not that knowledgeable on that area and also, it may be dangerous for you. Let“s leave the rest of the space attribute lessons to the Space Mage. Now, can you try probing me with your spiritual essence? If you feel anything strange, stop immediatel

le ago and the other is you and Gil fighting while I lay on the ground unconscious."

"You said that you saw a lot of images but they are blurred?"

"Yes. Hundreds, thousands, I cannot count because I opened my eyes before I could finish processing everything."

"When I probed you, you saw the immediate future specifically four images of it. But, you only exhausted you spiritual essence, right?"


"But when you probed me, you saw numerous images which you cannot even count and were even blurred except for two which happened a while ago and the other..."

Just when he was talking, he realized something. He stared at Ceres while thinking about something and massaging his forehead.

"This is... Oh no, no, no."

"Is there something wrong?"

Old Na opened his eyes and looked at Ceres with a serious face. His eyes seemed to warn her of something really dangerous.

"Donot repeat this again. Do not reveal this information to other people. Make anoath to me about this, right here and right now, or I won“t really teach youanymore." -tbc

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