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   Chapter 17

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"Your Hig----"

A man clothed in ordinary clothes covered the mouth of another man that looks like he was calling out to him.

"Guy! I told you to call me Orion, right? Or do you wish to go back home?"

"But your—I mean, sir Orion. The family is in trouble right now. They need your help and we must hurry back home."

The men called Orion and Guy were people who look like they“re of the same age and are around 20 years old. Both of them were dressed in ordinary clothes and they give the impression of being ordinary citizens.

"I am no longer part of that family. Moreover, there is an on-going struggle for the crown prince position. I clearly said my stand and I don“t want to get involved in more conflicts."

Guy was confused as to what Orion was saying. Orion is currently the second prince of Winsterein kingdom but because her mother is from the Hunts family, he is also part of that family. No matter what Orion says, he is clearly involved in the struggles of both families. Guy knows that Orion does not really want anything to do with politics and family matters. He ceased to be part of anything when his mother died.

"Sir. Your maternal grandfather also wishes to see you."

"One more thing about any of my families and I“ll be sure to leave you alone."

There is only one thing on Guy“s mind. If young master doesn“t want to be involved in the royal family, at least be involved in our family“s matters! Don“t let everything go down to waste, young master... At least, for your mother.


"What do you think, Old Na?"

Currently, the four characters were in a meeting over breakfast. Ceres told Old Na about her plans. She wanted to learn more from the Time Mage before going to the Space Mage. In addition, she doesn“t want to study in any school because she would very much like to do things her own way.

Old Na was obviously thinking about what happened yesterday night. What if he told Ceres that a mysterious man threatened his life to teach her? This world is really cruel for an old man who dedicated most of his life for world peace. Fortunately, Ceres“ plans never included that of studying in a school. He never did want Ceres to go into any school because it will be troublesome.

"Of course, I will teach you. I could probably never get another disciple aside from you in this life. But, you should know that being a disciple is not as simple as it sounds."

Ceres respectfully bowed in front of Old Na.

"Can you first tell us your real name and what family do you belong to? If it is really inconvenient, this old man will not pester you anymore."

She hesitated before starting to speak. She knew that because of what these old men had done for her, she must somehow be truthful to them. Furthermore, the mysterious man said that Old Na can be trusted. Old Pang, on the oth

ld appear in my mind for certain people. That happened when I first met you."

Fate or lifespan as a payment? Is this the kind of price that rare attributes pay because their powers are beyond normal? Did I also pay this when Old Na examined me?

"When images appear out of nowhere, I believe that these are visions about the future that needs to happen. Through my countless experiences, I knew that these were signs of something that I must interfere with. Although it could get bothersome but at least I don“t have to pay any price. To cut a long story short, what I saw in you was the start that we were going to be tied by the strings of destiny."

"The recovery of my spiritual body is something that you helped me with so I think that we are really fated to meet. But, you just told me about paying something for using one“s rare attribute. Is this something that rare attributes face? How can one know the kind of price he has to pay?"

"Yes, this is the fate of rare attributes. We are sought by the world for our abilities not knowing that we pay a huge price for them. I once prevented a war from happening and I tell you, I almost died. My lifespan started to unknowingly and continuously decrease which almost brought me to death“s door. At that moment, I knew that I was paying with my life for any interference that I make. Luckily, I have gathered rare medicines and my old friends also helped me. What I am right now, were all paid from a lot of actions and consequences back then."

The old man“s eyes looked as if they were about to drop a tear any moment. Ceres couldn“t imagine what Old Na had given up in order to be able to live until today. What experiences did he gain and go through to survive in this world?

Shefinally looked at the old man in a different light. If these are the fate of rare attributes, wouldn“t you wish to have anormal life instead? -tbc

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