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   Chapter 16

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"We“re not sure yet. Because of the rarity of certain attributes, we cannot fully say that a specific rare attribute existed only in one person. Although that idea was never thrown away, it was also never proven. However, if that person died, Old Na would certainly know."

"Old Pang is right. I have a way to know how some people are doing and certainly that guy is alive and kicking."

Out of nowhere, Old Na told Ceres that he would like to examine her spiritual body with his spirit essence just to be sure that nothing else really happen. One must know that spiritual essence probing was considered offensive. Spiritual essence of other people going inside your spiritual body can also be like other people probing your entire being. They can know your age, level, and attribute and for some, they can even know more information other than those three. However, there are also ways to avoid this type of probing and those are: 1. if you are stronger than the person probing you; 2. if you possess enormous amount of spiritual essences that there are no ripples in your spiritual essences and spiritual body for others“ essences to seep through, and; 3. if you have great control towards your spiritual essences which includes those in your surroundings to also hide your own spiritual body and essences.

"I don“t mind."

Ceres doesn“t understand the importance of examining a person using spiritual essence.

Old Na started using his spirit essence to probe Ceres. As soon as his spirit essence circulated Ceres“ spiritual body, a series of images appeared on Ceres“ mind and she felt that her spiritual essence which she already replenished was again nearing depletion. The images she saw were about the Time Mage and what he was planning to do next after examining Ceres. The four images were: 1. Ceres saying something; 2. everyone eating over dinner and; 3. Old Na planning to go to a brothel.

The Time Mage, on the other hand, looked blank. This was the first time that he was able to examine Ceres with her completely healed spiritual body and still, he could not even see her level or other information. Actually, he could see nothing! What is really going on here?


Gil immediately appeared in front of Ceres; ready to take action.

"What are you talking about? I was just..."

Before he con

that Old Na cannot offend can be counted on one hand.

"I haven“t had the chance to personally ask you since I was busy. Did you see anything on her?"

Old Na understood that the mysterious man was pertaining to Ceres and his ability to see the future. Although what he saw on Ceres was not really something that he can clearly understand, he still didn“t want to divulge such information to a stranger.

"I cannot tell such things or there may be consequences."

"If I tell you that the balance has already been disrupted, would you then tell me?"

The mysterious man looked sideways and Old Na was able to see his eyes that showed a glint of gold.

From that moment, Old Na felt his whole body froze. He was certain that the man in front of him can end his life any moment.

The mysterious man looked up at the night sky.

"You have to properly guide and take care of her. If even a strand of her hair disappeared, the next Time Mage would probably be born soon."

Afterwards,the mysterious man disappeared and everything went back to normal. Old Naunderstood that behind Ceres is a powerful entity that even the world might notbe able to offend. He didn“t get why the mysterious man told him that theworld“s balance was already disrupted. Does this mean that something big isgoing to happen? And, is this something that concerns Ceres? Even though thisold man wasn“t sure about what he saw in Ceres the first time they met, he can definitelysay that it“s not something so trivial. But, who is that mysterious personprotecting Ceres? -tbc

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