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   Chapter 15

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"Beatrice? What are you doing here? Aren“t you supposed to be at your school?"

Dotrald was currently walking outside one of the halls of their household. They just held a meeting about one of the kingdom“s borders and some gang causing ruckus in some towns and cities which were part of the territories he has to protect. As soon as he saw his daughter, he bid goodbye to the other officers.

"I took a leave. I was studying really hard and my master told me I can go home but only for three days."

Dotrald can clearly be seen doting on her daughter so much.

"I asked about the third prince but it looks like he entered closed door training. I thought we“ll be able to talk when I finally had some time off."

"Don“t worry about that. Both of you are promising students so it cannot be helped. We“ll just ask the Royal Highness about the third prince."

"No, father! Don“t do that! I heard from our schoolmates that the headmaster personally told Lucas that he won“t be disturbed by anyone during this training. You know how the much awaited competition is nearing and everyone are doing their best to get their ranks go up."

"And my daughter is here... Having the time of her life. Why aren“t you training?"

"No need. My master told me that if I become a level twelve fire magician, I“ll definitely have a spot on the competition."

"I remember that last time you were still at level ten."

"That was three years ago, father! Hmph! I“ve improved a lot and just a few more months, I“ll enter level twelve. Even my master was surprised at the speed of my improvement!"

For all magicians, to increasing a level gets difficult the higher the level is. A level increase in a year is considered amazing.

"That“s my daughter! You have to make sure and defeat everyone else. Now, now, I“ll treat you to your favorite restaurant."

"Really? Yey!"

"By the way, do you have any news about Cerbous? Will he be joining the competition, too?"

"Third brother probably haven“t finish his closed door training. Anyway, their school is always in secrecy. One more thing, their school need not send disciples to compete in the competition."

"That child is the only one you will have difficulty of defeating among your generation and he also has the advantage o

ng about teleportation. What kind of an assassin would not be happy knowing he has gained an advantage? Ceres was already thinking about practicing her teleportation more so that she can travel a distance in an instant.

"How was it? How do you feel? Anything strange?"

Looking at the beads of sweat in Ceres“ forehead, Old Na knew that she had difficulty executing that skill.

"Concentrating on the place of teleporting was hard. I have also depleted my spirit essence and currently replenishing them. Other than that, I don“t feel anything."

Old Na wanted to speak more but he avoided what he wanted to say first and directly opened the topic that the others were waiting for.

"You... Have a space attribute."

"Oi, Old Na! Are you sure? Isn“t there another space ma---"

Old Pang suddenly stopped talking since Old Na started to speak once more.

"Space mage... I once knew this guy. He was the one who created space bags. Before people used arrays, these space bags can only be created by that guy. But, if Ceres owns this attribute right now..."

"...That person is dead?"

Ceres remembered her discussion with Old Na in that certain forest. If a rare attribute exists in two or more people, the balance of this world would be disrupted. That is the basis of magicians“ records and conclusions; that no two people can exhibit the same kind of rare attribute at the same time.

Ifthat is the case, did Old Na“s friend die? -tbc

A/N: I seldom go online and that“s one of the problems with updates ;A;

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