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   Chapter 14

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Inside Ceres“ room, she was sitting cross-legged in her bed with her eyes closed. She was channeling the spiritual essences in her surroundings into her body. This is pretty much what she does when she meditates. It seems like the internal energy she circulates is the spirit essence of this world. The only difference is that Ceres can see this energy with her naked eye. In the middle of her meditation, she felt a slight disturbance in her surrounding and when she opened her eyes, she saw the mysterious man once again.

He was wearing an elegant clothing of dark green. He was sitting in a chair across Ceres while smiling at her.

"Right when your spiritual body recovered, you can immediately detect my presence. I think I have to raise the bar higher so that I can freely go inside your room."

Both of them remained in their current position. Ceres looked so calm but deep inside, she was cursing this mysterious man. Immediately detect him? Is that supposed to be a joke? She can already detect Old Na“s presence once he entered the city but not this man in front of her. She was only able to detect him when he was already in her room.

"Can you at least tell me your name?"

"I“m glad you“re not afraid of me anymore."

"If you want to harm me, why would you even give me those precious and rare herbs just to help me recover?"

He chuckled and then, started pouring tea to a cup on the table beside him. The tea was Winterbell which was also Ceres“ favorite.

The obvious thing was that the cup he used was the same cup that Ceres used before she entered her meditation.

"I like this one."

After drinking the tea, he stood up. But, he didn“t go near Ceres. He was only standing across her with his hands behind his back while staring intently at Ceres. Those eyes were surely captivating Ceres and still carries both warmth and coldness.

"I won“t be staying here that long since I still have a lot of things to do. Most probably, I won“t be with you for a long time. But, I“d like you to remember that no matter what attribute you have, don“t let others easily know about it. I“m sure you“d understand this."

His gaze never left Ceres. Somehow, Ceres felt that the coldness in those eyes disappeared and only warmth can be felt.

"My princess...

ed by another teacher outside the headmaster“s office. Right after, a woman dressed in bright red and looked like she“s around 30 years old appeared in a corner of the headmaster“s office.

"Evelyn, I wouldn“t dare doubt your student“s potential for greatness but it will certainly be problematic if he won“t be able to erase such feelings. The path towards becoming a great magician must not be hindered by such petty things."

"I understand. I will look into this and instruct him properly."

The headmaster looked at the woman and a pressure was emitted that the woman couldn“t help but be startled.

The woman bowed to the headmaster before leaving the room.


"Are you ready, Ceres?"

Old Pang, Old Na, Gil, and Ceres are standing in the middle of the luscious green field of the courtyard. Right before their gathering, the Old Pang covered the courtyard in a little bit of darkness so they can see clearly any changes in the magic crystal. Old Na holds the magic crystal which is so clear that not even a speck of dust can be seen on it. He says that it is a high quality magic crystal and that it costs a lot.

Even though there weren“t much difference between magic crystals, he was only making sure that Ceres would remember her debts to this old man.

OldPang was beside Old Na. His hands were behind his back and he was silentlywatching Ceres. Gil was behind Ceres. Ceres, on the other hand, was in front ofOld Na. Today would be the day that she will finally know what attribute shehas. -tbc

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