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   Chapter 13

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"I“ll do it. I swear to the heavens that I will not involve Old Pang in any trouble or conflict that concerns me after he helps me with my spiritual body... Is that okay?"

"Missy, you don“t know how this works, right? Well, as long as you understand, I think you“ll see through that oath."

Old Pang drank his tea and then, spoke again.

"Old Na, what do you plan to do? I“ll have her stay here for a couple of months."

"I“ll be randomly touring cities. You have to contact me if she“s ready. I“m curious about her attribute so I have to witness when she learns about it."

Then, Old Pang turned to look at Gil.

"And you? Do you wish to stay here and wait for her?"

Gil only nodded.

"That“s it. You“ll have to help me prepare a lot of things. Give the space bag to that guy, Old Na."

Old Na causally threw the bag to Gil.

"You have to personally prepare the things that she“ll need. I“ll only guide you. As for you missy..."

Old Pang became serious and stared at Ceres.

"You have to follow all of my orders for this entire process. If not, better find another spirit healer. Hmph!"

Ceres respectfully bowed.

After their talk, Old Pang told Ceres and Gil where they will be staying at for the next months and the chores that they have to do around the house. At first, Gil insisted that Ceres do nothing and focus on her training but Ceres said that she is the one who needs the help and that she must do what Old Pang told her to do.

Some of the herbs were used to make a bath for Ceres and some of it were concocted and made into pills which she has to take on certain days. Every day there will also be a specific three-hour time where Old Pang would let Ceres meditate in front of him while he helps channel spirit essence on her.

As days passed by, she learned more about spiritual bodies and essences as well as other knowledge in this world. Old Pang taught her a lot about spirit healing and alchemy and she can already be considered as his disciple. She can also feel something changing with

h more interesting.


The treatment lasted for only two months. This greatly surprised Old Pang. With the damage that her spiritual body sustained, she was able to fully heal it within these months and bring it to its peak condition. This is all thanks to the huge number of rare herbs she presented as well as her diligence in recuperating and studying about spirit healing and this world“s alchemy. Not to mention, she also has a unique spiritual body that can accommodate huge amounts of spirit essences as well as her unique essence gathering.

On Ceres“ last day, Old Na came to visit them.

"Even without any magic crystal, you can tell that this girl has a lot of spiritual essence in her body. I really never imagined that someone is born like this."

Old Pang was currently talking to Old Na over tea. Ceres was still in meditation inside her room while Gil stood by her door step.

"I“m excited about her attribute. I know that she“s a special one. I“m just wondering how she damaged her spiritual body causing her to almost become a normal person."

"You haven“t seen through her?"


"Then why did you help her? What if she turns out to be someone who“ll disrupt the world“s balance or someone who doesn“t have anything special?"

"I did sense something; something so blinding."

"Ihope what we are doing is right." -tbc

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