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   Chapter 12

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Just when Ceres was about to close the door as she went out of the room, Gil appeared in front of her. Today is the day that she was about to go out of the inn to meet the old man.

"Do you have any information?"

"About the raw materials you wish to find, this city has no information about them. We will have to look at other cities or maybe, even kingdoms. I“ve checked with the auction houses but they do not have any information as of the moment. Regarding the materials you bought, I already found a blacksmith that can temper it 100 times but he needed two months to work on your commission. Considering work aside from tempering and the distance from him, you may be able to get your hands on the weapons in four months."

"Four months is a bit long but it“s alright. You already gave me enough. If he cannot forge the weapon I like, what you gave me will even be sufficient until we find the raw materials I needed."

Gil didn“t talk back and was about to disappear when Ceres told him not to.

"Gil, starting from now, if I didn“t ask you to hide, do not hide. I needed someone I can talk to about a lot of things and it“ll be troublesome if I have to always privately find and talk to you."

"Yes, princess."

"And also..."

Ceres looked straight at Gil“s eyes.

"Don“t call me princess. Call me Cerio because that will be my name from now on. We will be friends from the same village. I think it“s okay to use Redbud Town. It“s just a simple and small town in the east of the capital."

"I understand, princess."

Ceres narrowed her eyes as Gil still called her “princess“.

"Make sure you do and, change your clothes to ordinary ones. I“ll wait for you at the entrance."

Gil immediately disappeared in front of her and she started walking away from her room.


"Your protector doesn“t need to hide anymore?"

The old man is currently leading Ceres and Gil to the spirit healer.

"This is much better."

"Did you go out and explore the city while I was away?"

Ceres didn“t answer his question and just continued to walk. If Ceres seldom talk, Gil doesn“t really talk to anyone except Ceres. This made the old man feel bored.

After some time, they found themselves standing in front of a shabby house in the city“s suburbs.

"Old Pang!"

After the old man shouted, the door opened and he led Ceres and Gil inside.

"Old Pang is one of my oldest friends. He“s seldom in a good mood so be patient with him."

What made Ceres so surprised was that when they went inside the shabby looking house, it looked as if she entered a different place. The inside was so huge and it looked like a traditional house made from wood with a courtyard that has luscious green grasses and also a plum tree that is in bloom even though it wasn“t the season for flowers to bloom. Moreover, it was clear that they were inside the house but there is currently a blue

question and he suddenly turned to Old Na and glared at him.

"Old Na! Just who in the world is this person you brought here?"

Old Na shook his head as if saying he doesn“t know anything. Old Pang didn“t have a choice as he directly confronted Ceres.

"Look, missy. I don“t want any problem and I don“t want to be involved in any conflict of families or kingdoms or politics or anything. I have lived my life at peace for some time now. If you don“t want to divulge your identity, it“s fine but promise me one thing, okay? I will help you because Old Na asked me to and no matter what kind of conflict you get into, don“t ever bother or involve me. Understood?"

Ceres nodded.

After some seconds, Old Pang and Old Na are still staring at Ceres. Gil came forward and whispered to Ceres“ ears.

"Princess, you have to make an oath. That is what he wants you to do."

"Make an oath?"

"Yes. Swear to the heavens about you and your succeeding generations. However, princess, you must not break the oath or else, you will suffer the punishment not only by Old Pang but also that of the heavens."

"Is there such a thing?"

"If you don“t like swearing an oath to this old men, my master can still help you. I“m sure master will be willing to do anything just to heal you."

WhenCeres thought about the mysterious man, she also thought that she cannot furtherowe him anything. Moreover, in this world, one only needed to swear andeverything is settled. What a bunch oftrustworthy people, Ceres sarcastically thought. -tbc

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