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   Chapter 11

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As soon as the shops open, Ceres started walking on the city“s streets. She first looked for the best weapon shop in the city. She wanted to make some weapons and other stuff that she“ll need.

The dagger she bought was still not usable. She already cleaned it and tried using it a few times but to no avail. Somehow, that dagger is really dull and can“t even cut things. She didn“t mind though as she really feels like there“s more to it than what meets the eye. Ceres decided that she would just keep it for now. Because she couldn“t really figure out how special it is, she could only wait and research more.

"Can I see your best daggers?"

The shop attendant went and showed the best daggers that they have in the shop. He wasn“t interested in Ceres“ background and didn“t exhibit discrimination with customers which is good... For him.

Ceres looked at the eight daggers presented to her. These daggers were of different weights and sizes. She carefully examined each dagger and found that none of these fit her needed weapon.

"I heard you also sell raw materials here."

The best weapon shop in Roguen also has the best blacksmith and raw materials. For someone who needs weapons, it is a one-stop-pit-shop.

"Yes, sir. Do you have a particular material you“re looking for?"

"What“s your best material for blades?"

"We have 100 year old deep sea ore as well as the misty purple iron which we acquired recently."

I honestly didn“t expect that this world would also have the same kind of stones that my previous world have. It looks like I can remake my favorite daggers given the right materials.

"Can you acquire star-fallen silver and deep sea volcanic ore?"

"We“re very sorry, sir. Aside from being rare, our shop wouldn“t be able to afford such materials. If you want, you can try the auctions. Those materials are too much for small shops to handle."

In fairness, I like this shop attendant. He“s not nosy and he gives the information I need. And to think that the best shop in Roguen is considered a small shop. It“s nice to see that this shop attendant can exhibit humility.

In most cases, Ceres wouldn“t mind being offended by shop attendants. But of course, if she doesn“t like the attendants, she wouldn“t do any business with them anymore. That is certainly a loss of profit since what she wants are of the highest quality and of course, expensive.

"Okay. Thanks for the information. May I know how many times would you be able to temper both deep sea ore and misty purple iron that you have?"

"To be honest, given our blacksmiths“ skills, we can temper both at most 20-25 times."

I need the materials to be tempered 100 times. I think I“ll really have to find a suitable man for this job. About the materials I need, I could ask Gil for any information. For now, I can settle for their shop“s materials.

"How much are

quietly appeared standing in the prince“s courtyard.

The third prince immediately readied himself and started casting magic in secret. Currently, his weapon is far from him which is why he can only depend on his magic. He can feel that this person is dangerous and a lot powerful than him.

"A pitiful prince who cannot even protect her."

The prince was startled by the mysterious man“s words. He understood that whoever this man in front of him was, he knew Ceres.

"Where is Ceres?"

"I can easily kill you but because she saved you, I will not waste her sacrifice."

"I“m asking you, where is she!?"

Without any trace, the mysterious man disappeared. The third prince used his spiritual essence to sense the mysterious man but he couldn“t find him. That man was dangerous and most probably, Ceres is in danger.

If that man has Ceres then, I have to know who that person is.

But, thinking how that man can come and go that easily in his courtyard without alerting anyone, the third prince knew that whoever that person is, must not definitely be offended. Also, if he somehow offended that person, he doesn“t know what that person might do to Ceres. As such, he can only do everything on his own and hope that Ceres is safe and sound.


Up in the sky, a man was traveling on a large vermillion bird. A bird of that kind would surely attract a lot of attention particularly from powerful forces. However, the man erased their presence and no one was able to detect them.

"Why did you even have to save that boy? You were already on the verge of disappearing and you really have to go out of your way to save a minor character like that?"

The bird felt some sinister aura coming from the man riding on him. The man, on the other hand, furrowed his brows because he felt an aching sensation inside his chest.

"My princess is really kindhearted but, she can also easily hurt me." -tbc

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