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   Chapter 10

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One night when Ceres and the Time Mage were eating dinner in the middle of a forest...

"Old man. Your magic attribute is time, right?"

"Yeah. I have skills regarding the control of time. This is a very, very, very, VERY rare attribute. Now you can see why my name would be widely known. Thank you!"

Ceres can“t help but be amazed at how the old man was hanged up on his popularity and rarity. He definitely emphasized that “very“ next to that “rare“. Is he some sort of an endangered species in this world?

"There is no one other than you with the time attribute?"

"Rare attributes are rare, Cerio. Do you think you can just see them in this vast world when you want to?"

Ceres never knew how vast this world is. In her previous world, she was able to roam around the world when she was only 20. That“s how strong she was in that world. She thought that she might be able to do the same thing in this world when she gets strong.

"Let me tell you something. Rare attributes are one of a kind that is why it is difficult to enhance and train them. And, rare attributes appear only in a single person at one time."

"How did you know all about this?"

"It“s written in historical documents. It is the rule of the world. No two people can possess the same rare attribute at the same time because rare attributes could cause tremendous changes in this world."

Ceres somehow understood this logic. She compared it to how the world balances things out... Well, somehow.

"How long have you lived old man?"

"That is something that I cannot tell you."

"Then, why do you want to help me?"

"I saw it."

"You can see the future?"

Ceres was taken aback although it didn“t show on her face. She already had a hunch about the old man being something like a fortune teller. However, despite her curiosity, the old man didn“t respond. He only sl

need to stay at the inn. Ceres, eager to know more about this world, decided that she should go first to a library or book store.

Fortunately, the library in this city is open to the public. It is not that big and it doesn“t contain ancient history or books which need special access unlike those in the capital“s library. Even so, Ceres decided to drop by and read.

"There are a lot of schools in this kingdom but the age requirements are all the same. They only accept students ages 10-15. Whether to study in a school or not, I couldn“t make any rash decisions since I still don“t have any idea about my attribute. Regarding the skills I need on physical combat, I can pretty much train myself. I must also register for the mercenary guild so that I can take on jobs and earn money."

Ceres continued to read until the library was about to close. She felt hungry and started looking for any place where she could eat. She is pretty use to being alone. Gil is probably following her and she doesn“t need to pay a lot of attention to what he“s doing.

Therest of the day, she rested through meditation. Even in her previous world, shedoesn“t sleep or eat that much. All she needs is to meditate and her bodyrecovers faster this way.-tbc

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