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   Chapter 9

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"What did you say?"

The Emperor visiting the residence of the Ellion family is already a big ruckus in the kingdom considering that there is still an on-going political struggle between the princes. And right now, Dotrald said something that made the Emperor lose even more of his composure.

"I will not agree to such request!"

The third prince stood up from his seat and made sure to everyone in the hall that he detests the propose agreement of general Dotrald.

"But, even the royal matchmaker said that Beatrice and the prince is a match made in heaven. Surely, you wouldn“t mind rumors circulating about you visiting our residence in the middle of the night, right your Highness?"

The Emperor looked at the third prince with disappointment. He clearly told him to stay in his room that night but never did he expect that the third prince not only broke his trust but also sneaked inside the Ellion family“s residence. And this was all because of that trash! He didn“t know whether to be thankful that the girl is already gone or not.

"I have the right to choose whom I should marry."

The third prince glared at Dotrald despite the pressure he is feeling from the general“s aura.

"I don“t care what other people think. I only need to see if Ceres is okay or not! That“s the only reason I went here!"

The Emperor couldn“t take all the commotion and finally made up his mind.

"Shut up! Listen to your father for once!"

Everyone was surprised with the Emperor“s shout as it carries his royal Highness“ majestic aura and might.

"I beg your Ellion family“s forgiveness for my son“s rash behavior. But, about this marriage agreement, I also cannot agree."

The Emperor clearly knows that Dotrald wanted more power through political marriage. He wonders why Arcyl was letting his son meddle with the kingdom“s political struggles while other ancient families stay neutral.

"The Emperor would surely give us a rather suitable explanation for this, right?"

Dotrald is the only one talking and making the deal. Surely, he is th

king to leave the town. He told her that they would be traveling to a city called Roguen. It is still located at Winsterein Kingdom and is the fourth largest city in it. His friend, a spirit healer, is currently residing in it.

After some time, they went inside a forest just outside the town. And when the coast is clear according to the Time Mage, he whistled. This action was followed by a loud bird“s cry.

A large white owl landed in front of them. It was such a beautiful owl that Ceres couldn“t help but be amazed although, it did not really show on her face.

"We will be riding this friend of mine since it is a long journey ahead."

Ceres only nodded.

"Well, how about your servant?"

Ceres called out to Gil and asked him if he will be coming with them to Roguen on the owl. Gil said that he need not ride the owl with them. This made the Time Mage think how weird Ceres“ background is. Ceres, on the other hand, didn“t think much since she already knew that there are a lot of mysteries involving Gil and that person.

Alongthe journey, Ceres learned a lot about spiritual bodies, magic, and spiritessence. These were mostly what she needed to learn. As she consumes themedicines she makes coupled with her meditation, her physical body graduallybecame better and she would soon be able to get her peak condition just like inher previous world.-tbc

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