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   Chapter 8

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The old man coughed twice.

"The spiritual body is as important as our physical bodies. I really wander who taught you in your younger years? Did they not tell you about such things? How can you damage something important to this extent?"

Seeing Ceres is still not interested to answer any of his questions regarding her background, the old man kept on talking.

"One cannot neglect his spiritual body. Harming one“s spiritual body is more serious than harming one“s physical body. Physical bodies can be healed easily through medicines and elixirs but spiritual bodies cannot. They need magic skills, spiritual essence, rare herbs and elixirs, and experts who can guide you on the proper healing procedures which depend on the damage you“ve incurred. So tell me, do you have any recollection of harming your spiritual body?"

Harming the spiritual body? She already saw Ceres“ memories and there were no incidences pertaining to spiritual bodies particularly, damaging hers. Maybe, the memories she have regarding those, were part of those she can“t seem to remember. Instead of knowing what happened, she is more eager to learn how to heal her spiritual body and perhaps that might help her solve some of her questions.

"I cannot remember."

"But, you took the test for the magic attribute when you were five?"


"What was the result? They didn“t say anything?"



Ceres nodded. When Ceres touched the magic crystal, there was no reaction. They also didn“t tell her about her spiritual body being damaged; only that, she doesn“t have any attribute. And everyone from then on, called her a trash.

"The people testing you that day were probably no good. My guess is that your spiritual body was harmed before you even took the test. I wonder..."

The old man clearly used “people“ instead of “experts“ when addressing the ones assigned to test for Ceres“ attribute. It only shows that he didn“t like those people.

"To know your attribute, we have to first heal your spiritual body. Only then will your attribute show. The damage

is master smiles, it was so ominous that everyone cannot even look at him. Whether he was killing or making orders, he can smile as if nothing in this world can do anything to harm him.

He wanted to brush Ceres“ hair but kept his hand at his back. Then, he just disappeared as if he was never even in Ceres“ room at all.

Gil saw his master appear outside of Ceres“ room once more as he remained outside, kneeling.

"These are all for the recovery of her spiritual body."

He gave a small bag to Gil. This bag maybe small but it was a rare treasure. This is a space bag. Space bags were things that are only enjoyed by rich families and merchant companies. But what made this particular space bag rare was that it can keep live things. Thus, the space bag that the mysterious man gave Gil was truly a treasure that would be sought by numerous people.

The mysterious person looked back at Ceres“ door and in his mind,

"Forgive me, my princess, because part of your injuries was caused by me."

For a few minutes, he only stood there while staring at Ceres“ door. Not even Gil knows what his master was thinking. But before he left, he gave and told Gil a few things and also more orders regarding Ceres.

"...Keep on protecting her while I“m still busy. Tell her, I“ll be looking forward to her spiritual body being healed."

Gilcan only nod to his master“s orders.-tbc

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