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   Chapter 7

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"Time mage?"

Ceres looked into her regained memories but she cannot find anything about a Time Mage.

"Don“t tell me you haven“t heard of it?"


"This poor soul. Where were you raised? How cruel is the place you came from to not have heard of my famous nickname?"

Ceres was about to leave again when her arm was about to be grabbed by the old man.

All of a sudden, Gil appeared. His knives were pointed at the old man“s neck. He wasn“t able to grab a hold of Ceres“ arm.

Ceres was not surprised by Gil“s sudden appearance. She knew that Gil was following her. But what took Ceres“ interest was what the old man did after.

In just a few seconds, he disappeared from Gil“s lock. If he was fast, Ceres would know due to the disturbance in the wind. However, there was nothing wrong with the wind. It was as if, the old man was never in that kind of position at all.

"I think by now, I have your interest."

The old man smiled. He knew that Ceres would not be interested if she never witnessed his skills.

By this time, Ceres“ heartbeat finally changed. She felt excited. So, this is also magic.


"I never would have thought that the third prince would visit our residence this late in the evening."

Dotrald along with his brothers sat in the main hall. The third prince was also given a seat. Their father, Arcyl, excused himself from seeing the prince. He never did have to pay respect to the younger generation of the royal family.

"Forgive my sudden appearance and unnotic

k over some tea, shall we?"

And the old man led them further into his shop where Ceres and he sat across each other with tea cups in front of them. Gil was still quietly standing by her side. He refused to drink anything. The old man poured some hot tea on both his and Ceres“ cups.

"Drink. I didn“t put any poison in them."

With Ceres“ knowledge on medicine, she clearly knows more about poisons than this old man. From the smell of the tea, she recognized that it was her favorite: Winterbell tea. Is it a coincidence? Still, she didn“t drink the tea. One can never be too sure in this world.

"Can you further explain my situation?"

The old man sipped his tea.

"It is not your physical body that has problems. It is your spiritual body which is the foundation of your magic."

Withall the revelations happening, Ceres maintained her cool. She never showed anyunnecessary emotions or expressions. This made her seem uninterested yet, italso made the Time Mage much more interested in her. -tbc

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