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   Chapter 6

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"Old man, why would you sell such a thing? Can that thing still be used?"

The old man looked at the item that Ceres picked up. It was a dull dagger that looks so old and rusty.

"I also brought that back from a dungeon. I can“t remember the name of that place. I thought it would be something precious so I am selling it. Though it looks like it can never be used, I thought there“s still more to it. We can never be too sure."


"You picked it up so maybe it is something precious."

"How can you be so sure? I was looking for something for my nephew who likes to fight a lot and this thing is just suited for him. A little clean here and there and it will be nice for him. Also, this thing can never hurt a person. Would you be willing to sell this for a cheap price? It couldn“t be something that precious, right?"

"You... You“re just playing with me. I brought that back with difficulty so I wouldn“t sell that for a cheap price. One gold coin. We can settle for that price."

"A gold coin for a child“s toy? Are you kidding me? This is worth 5 coppers at most but thinking of your difficulty in dungeons, I“m willing to buy it for a silver coin."

Ceres learned from her memory that a gold coin is equivalent to 100 silver coins or 1000 copper coins. A family of three in this world can survive for a month with only 5 coppers.

"Tsk. If you don“t want it then don“t bother with it!"

"But, I only have a silver coin. I“m not that rich. I just need a present for my nephew."


The old man cannot bear to look at Ceres“ pitiful eyes. He also knew that the dagger was useless and it was already 10 years since he acquired it. No one was also willing to buy it.

"Okay! Fine! You get that for a silver coin! Now hand over the coin and go away or el

c items suited for a person should be carefully picked and is dependent on a person“s situation."

"I just need to know my attribute."

"Your spiritual body is damage, buying a magic crystal would be a waste. Are you sure you want to buy it?"


The feeling this man gives off is not as dangerous as that of the mysterious person but either way, she can never be too sure. This man is really not just your average merchant.

"Don“t be alarmed young lad... Or should I say, young lady?"

"You knew."

"When you live for a long time, you will know too."

"I think I better look at other stores."

Ceres was about to leave when the old man suddenly spoke,

"The people that can help you can be counted on one hand and in this vast world, how certain are you that you can find them?"

She stood there, facing the old man once more.

"I don“t trust you."

"You don“t have to... For now. Let“s just say that I fancy you and would like to help you."

"Introduce yourself first then I probably would allow you to help me."

"Myname has disappeared from this world for a long time. But my nickname wouldprobably ring a bell. I am the person they call Time Mage." -tbc

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