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   Chapter 5

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"I have prepared the things you need, princess."

I was quietly meditating when Gil appeared inside the room and the things I asked of him placed were now in front of me. Meditating is what I did in my previous world to gather energy from the outside and circulate it in the body. This helps in calming the mind and soothing the body. This also helps in having keen senses and healing injuries. I call such energy as one“s inner energy.

But, no matter what I do and how long I meditate, I couldn“t gather such energy at all. I could sense something but it is vague and keeps on slipping in my grasps. It looks like this world is really different from my previous world.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Gil standing across me while lowering his head. It seems like he was taught to not meet the gaze of his master.

"Thank you, Gil."

I stood up from the bed and look at the things in front of me. I saw the clothes which he prepared and they really are just what I needed. He prepared at least 10 sets of it. Next, I checked the other stuff like herbs and the other materials that I need.

It“s good that Gil doesn“t bother me or ask what I“ll do.

I immediately started to prepare the medicine which could alter my face a little. I needed a number of herbs so that I could make more of it for the long journey ahead. Fortunately, I mastered the art of disguise and have always been proficient in creating realistic face masks using only medicinal materials. It“s a good thing that I learned about it from my previous world.

The medicine I created was then applied on my face and with some concentration. Thus, my facial features resemble that of a male; a young man with a hideous scar dressed in ordinary clothes. Not bad.

After finishing my preparations, I got the gold coins which were left from Gil“s shopping. This is a lot of money but I“ll definitely pay it back.

"This is enough. You can go back to your room and rest."

Gil was about to close the door when I suddenly remembered...

"Use this."

I threw a small white porcelain bottle to Gil and saw him look at the bottle before bowing and closing the door. I made the medicine after making the face-altering one. His injury can be hidden from ordinary people but from me, I could still sense it.

Tomorrow is the day when I can finally start exploring this world. I wonder if this town has more of the materials I need.


"Father, I need to go to the Ellion household."

The third prince arrived just an hour ago and immediately requested to leave for the Ellion household. The Emperor furrowed his brows as this would result to a lot of talks among the common folks. The third prince visiting that girl in the middle of the night right after he arrived from school... What kind of nonsense is this? Fortunately, his son is still filial and would greet him first before doing unnecessary things. Yet, thinking about more things regarding his son“s sudden visit to the palace, the Emperor began to have a headache.

"Father! I beg of you!"

The third prince kneeled in front of the Emperor. His fists were closed tightly.

"You traveled this far and in such a rush thereby arriving in the evening. Why don“t you rest first?"

Lucas didn“t stand up nor speak. He continued to kneel hoping his father would approve of his request.

"Third son, it is not appropriate to visit their household in the middle of the night. What do you think of their mansion? A place that you could just come and go whenever you want to? We have to respect them and let them rest. Tomorrow morning, you can go to them and your father will not stop you. For the mean time, rest first in your room."

Actually, what brings more headaches to the Emperor is that he received information about Ceres“ disappearance. He knows that the third prince will not stay quiet about this if he knew. As a matter of fact, he immediately ordered that the prince should not hear about i

t at all. The emperor knows how the third prince is close with the trash girl and would immediately go home and ask for explanations. Given that the prince rushed to the palace and without prior notice, the Emperor figured out that either someone must have told the prince about that girl deliberately or his son already knew before his order of news blackout even reached the prince.

"I“ll be honest with father. I received news about Ceres“ disappearance which is why I immediately rushed here. If something really happened to her, I will not be able to rest or sleep peacefully for the rest of my life!"

The third prince looked at the Emperor with determined eyes.

"That“s bullsh*t! I would have heard from them if something really happened to that tra---girl! Don“t disobey your father. For tonight, go to your room. Tomorrow, we will go to their mansion and even personally asked if what you heard was true or not."

As an Emperor, he has a lot of things to do but because he favors this prince, he would be willing to accompany him to the Ellion household. He would be willing to sacrifice some things just to make his son go back to his school and just forget about that girl for once.

However, in the prince“s mind, even his father thinks that Ceres is a trash. But, he knew Ceres is not what everybody thought she is. He knew that more than anyone.

"I... I“ll obey father and will resign to my room."

Before the third prince left the Emperor“s throne room, his father said a few more things.

"My third son, you know fully well that your destiny is not tied with that girl. No matter what happens to her, your life is for the kingdom."

The prince tightly gripped his fists and walked out of the room.

Who is the third prince? He is one of the most talented and skilled youths of the kingdom. He is also contending to be the crown prince of the kingdom. As such, how can a girl with no talent, skills, brain, or even beauty be fit to stay by his side?

Obviously, he should just forget about Ceres, continue with his training or look for a suitable partner instead. But, it“s also obvious that he wouldn“t be doing any of that at all.

He will do anything to assure Ceres“ safety.

That night, after going back to his room, he went out in disguise. Clothed in black, he went straight to the Ellion household.

He knew the courtyard where Ceres stays. It was located at the farthest place in their mansion. It“s not well-designed but it can be considered as a place where she can live peacefully. Arcyl arranged it to be that way so no one can bother Ceres.

The third prince silently went inside her courtyard looking for any trace and presence of the girl. He cannot find anything. He punched the wall due to his anger. If anything happens to her, he will not forgive himself. He was ought to protect her.


Just when he was thinking of going back, he was caught by Dotrald.

Dotrald had a sinister smile on his face when he saw the third prince. The third prince knew something happened and was about to happen.


"Young lad, do you fancy anything on this store?"

Ceres was looking around when she noticed something different on this stall ran by an old merchant. She knew that looks can be deceiving and that at most times, stores ran by old men have something precious in it.

"Where did you get your items?"

"Oh! I was an adventurer and a mercenary. Sometimes I accompany people in dungeons. These items were brought back from different dungeons. Such precious items. I think you should know that they are valuable."

She was still thinking what she felt different from this store. Truth be told, her instinct is pretty strong. Whenever she feels that her gut feeling tells her something, it is most definitely accurate. In this store, is something really precious?

Rightthen, she saw something odd among the items. It was a dull dagger which looksso old and rusty. -tbc

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