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   Chapter 4

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What is this?

When I came back from the bath, I saw all kinds of elegant clothing for young women spread on the bed. These are all clothes that came straight from old fairytales and would even be worn by rich families. In short, I don“t like wearing them.


A person clothed in black suddenly kneeled in front of me.

"My master said he has some things to do. He asked me to prepare suitable clothes for the princess. He also prepared some gold coins on the table since the princess asked for them. If the princess has anything else she wants, this servant would prepare them immediately."

"Can you go back to the stores you got these clothes from and ask to return the fees? I don“t need such things. As for the gold coins, I“ll take them. Also, I“ll ask you to buy some things so wait until I have listed them."

"But the master said that the princess should be wearing beautiful clothes when he comes back."

"Do you want me to repeat what I just said? Anyway, I“ll deal with your master when he comes back. For now, I don“t need these things."

Gil didn“t say anything. He just remained kneeling there and I thought I could also give him a break.

"Gil, stop kneeling when you“re with me. I“m not your master and I don“t like it."

"Master said to treat the princess just like master."

"If that is so, then I order you to stop kneeling in front of me. If you aren“t comfortable, sit on the chair or stand wherever you want to. I am not your master so I am not used to these kinds of things. Also, that“s an order and I don“t have to repeat it, right?"

Gil followed my orders and stopped kneeling but instead he quietly stood by the door.

I cannot do anything about his way of serving that person but I can do something about the way he is serving me.

I went near the table to get the gold coins when I noticed a medicine bottle beside it. I carefully picked it up and by the smell of it; I can recognize what it is. Due to Ceres“ memories, I knew that some herbs from my world can also be found here and with the same name.

I immediately looked at my current face in the mirror to verify some of my ideas.

Unexpectedly, Ceres looks exactly like me in my previous world. Well, except for this scar on her face. The scar was running from her left cheek to the right side of her forehead. She probably got this from falling in that cliff as I can“t remember this scar from her memories. It sure is a big and hideous scar and any girl with such thing would hate it. But, I liked it. It rem

inded me of the things that I should do for this girl.

"Princess, that medicine bottle can heal scars even though it would take some time. Master personally applied this to the princess when the princess was still unconscious."

So, this medicine is really the same as the one I imagined it to be. I unconsciously smiled at that thought. My mind is currently busy planning on what to do with my current knowledge about this world. Aside from that, I learned that the mysterious person also thinks that I look hideous with this scar, huh? Then, one thing is for sure about that mysterious person, he values physical appearances.

"No need."

This scar will help me in a lot of ways.

"Gil. I need some clothes. But, I need ordinary clothes for a young man which would fit me. Use these gold coins. And also, buy some herbs and..."

I told him the herbs and other things I need. Luckily, Gil didn“t question any of the things I said. This just proves that those things are also present on this world. After some time, he suddenly disappeared. Well, he disappeared along with the clothes on the bed.

Because Gil wouldn“t be back for some time and that person isn“t here, I immediately arranged some plans. Based on the memories of Ceres, I can make something of this world. Thankfully, she liked reading so part of the knowledge I needed was filled through it. Still, it isn“t enough. I still need to go and read more books or ask around to learn about other things.

Before anything else, I need to change my appearance. Because of what Gil and that person told me about the Ellion family“s situation, everyone is probably thinking that Ceres is already dead. Let“s see... Aside from my brother who seems to treasure Ceres so much and whom I cannot meet yet, there is no one who could be trusted in this world. Perhaps, I need to change my gender too. I will pose as a young man and learn about this world little by little. That“s the safest way for me right now. Winsterein is a big and well-known kingdom so I have to be careful since Ellion Army is not only widely known in this Kingdom but also in others as well. Most of the people would probably know about Ceres.

The things that bother me the most are the missing memories of Ceres and the mysterious person who helped her. I also cannot find him in her memories. This is troublesome.

Without thinking too much about such things, I started to look for something around the room. Luckily, I found it.

Thistime, Ceres Ellion would disappearfor a while. -tbc

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