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   Chapter 2

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Ceres Ellion or the so-called trash girl; this was the body I came into. I didn“t have the same name in my previous world. I wonder why I transmigrated to hers. Also, I wonder why some of her memories are missing? Anyway, after what happened to me, I know that I could no longer go back to my previous world. I also do not wish to come back. The only thing for me to do here is to live Ceres“ life and help her as long as I can.

"Have you finally come to your senses?"

"Just who exactly are you?"

He didn“t bother to answer me and instead, went and stood in front of me, held my hand, and suddenly kissed it. Of course I was taken aback but, not because of his actions but because I wasn“t able to move.

This is dangerous!

However, he only looked at me. I can see his smile and I can see his eyes shaped like the crescent moon. But, as I look straight into his eyes, all I could see is nothing but coldness that somehow seems to be captivating.

I know those eyes. I“ve seen them... In a different person and in a different world. It always sent chills down my spine and at the same time, tugged my heart. You would always want to look away but you also cannot escape. I came to hate it more than anything.

"You need not know for now who this person is but all I can tell you is that this person owes you his life. This life will eventually belong to you."

Nonsense! If you want me to have your life, you shouldn“t have any conditions or time frames!

When I can finally move, I immediately withdrew my hand away from him. And, I decided that until I get stronger than him, I must not offend this person.

"I do not want your life. Since you have also saved me this time, we“re even and I“ll just be on my way."

I started to walk away even though it was difficult given my injuries and this weak body. I needed to plan my life immediately and I must stay away from this person.

Before I could even go out of the door, I felt my legs go cold and then numb. Great. Did he just freeze my legs? If only I was at my peak condition and can exhibit my skills, I could probably somehow escape from this scenario. Also, if I probably knew more about magic, it could also help me in this kind of world.

In Ceres“ world, magic is something that people obviously want. Due to the fact that not everyone has magic or can practice magic, people look up to those who has it and those who are strong. Well, even though I don“t have it, I know that I would still survive. I will train myself and get this body in good condition in order for me to use my skills from my previous world.

"You better release me while I“m still thoughtful of you."

"It truly makes me happy knowing my princess is concern about me."

He appeared in front of me, grabbed my hand, and finally undone his magic. He was the first one to be out of the cottage-like room while dragging me along.

"Where do you want to go? This person will take you wherever you want to be."

He turned to me and smiled once again. Is it me or am I really feeling that this person in front of me, though very strong, is dumb? I only wanted to get as far away from him as soon as possible.

"It“s much better if we part ways from here onwards."

He stopped from walking, turned around, and took both my hands to hold them.

"I know that it is still difficult for you to move around. If it wasn“t for the herbs and elixirs that Gil brought, you might still be lying on the bed for ten more days without any conscious

ness. So, while you“re recuperating, let me take care of you."

Gil? That is probably the name of his servant who was left alone inside the cottage-like room.

I pulled my hands from his hold.

"I couldn“t thank you enough for what both of you have done for me but I must really go right now or my family would be worried about me."

He started to laugh. I wasn“t even being funny at this moment. I know it“s a lame excuse to use my family because I couldn“t care less about them but, so what? I only needed to get away from this person.


"Here, master."

The servant, out of nowhere, immediately appeared by his side, kneeling once again.

"Can you tell us the situation in the Ellion family since their second young miss went missing?"

How did he know my background? I knew it. This person is a bad deal.

Without even looking at us, Gil narrated how the Ellion family lived like what they normally do. It was as if I didn“t exist and that no one bothered to look for me.

Right after what that Gil said, the other person even thought of mocking me.

"They“re pretty much worried, huh? Regarding your brother, he has entered his closed door training and would not go out soon. So, where do you plan to go? Home? Do you even a home in the first place?"

At least now, I know that my family isn“t looking for me. Everyone probably thought that I died. I don“t really care about them but that brother of mine would probably do some crazy stuff when he finds out. The only thing I need to care about is to know who harmed Ceres and why. Since my brother is still in his training, I need not care about it for now. The childhood friend is probably that stupid prince and doesn“t even know that we were supposed to meet that day. He could still be in his school; busy with studying.

In the first place, I wasn“t even planning to go home. What I needed to do for now is to improve my condition and skills. With or without magic, I must exact revenge for this girl. I also want to explore this new world and I know that it“s only possible if I can really become strong.

"Hooo~ I really do like that serious face you have there. Don“t worry about anything since this person will help you as long as you tell me to."

At the moment, I would still need to learn more about this world. Ceres“ knowledge only came from reading some books so I can never depend on that. Well, this guy could probably help me as long as I don“t offend him. He said that he owes his life to me so I could use that to bargain with my life in case he does anything suspicious.

"Fine. It looks like I cannot escape from you. Not until I can beat you."

He started to laugh again after which, he started to walk closer to me only to whisper some words which made me hate being with him even more.

"It“s a big goal you have in there. I guess I will be sticking close to you for the rest of your life."

I placed my hand on his face and pushed him away.

"You have to tell me where the nearest town or city is. I feel filthy and I need to take a bath. Also, let me borrow some money. I will pay you back soon."

Then, I started to really walk away without any hindrances. He just followed me while directing the path I should take. On our way, even though I wanted to extract more information from this mysterious guy, he really doesn“t disclose that much about himself. It can“t be helped; it goes without saying that I really have no one to depend on this world except for myself.-tbc

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