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   Chapter 1

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When I woke up, I felt my whole body sore. I looked around and noticed that this wasn“t my house. This small cottage with only a bed, wooden table, and chair, as well as a small kitchen was definitely not mine.

I tried to stand up. I know this sore feeling. It was nothing compared to my hellish training back then. But, why do I feel that my body is totally different? It cannot even take these mild injuries from that explosion? As I was about to stand up, my body froze. A man with long silver hair that sways as he walks by, wearing an elegant clothing that looks like it came straight from old story books suddenly came in from the lone wooden door. He is the most handsome man I have ever seen.

"Oh! You“re finally awake. Don“t try to stand up. You should rest a bit more. Don“t worry because this place is safe. Wait, I“ll help you eat."

I do not know this guy nor do I want to know. The feeling he“s giving me are both chills and warmth. He“s definitely dangerous since I wasn“t even able to tell that he“s already near despite my skills. But then, he looked like he was the one who saved me. Even though I should be wary of him, I would still have to thank him.

I slowly stood up and bowed my head sincerely and with difficulty.

"Thank you for saving me but I would not impose myself on you anymore. I would like to go back home. As for the payment, I would definitely return here and pay you back."

The moment I looked up, I saw him approaching without even looking at me. Didn“t I just say that there is something weird with this guy?

I immediately straightened my body and saw him proceeding to the table. He didn“t pay any attention to what I just said. He opened the pot“s lid which still looked like whatever inside of it was recently cooked. After which, he poured some of its contents on a small ceramic cup.

"You should first drink this."

He offered me the cup with a smile so dazzling and charming that it would probably make all the girls go wild and line up to marry him.

"Thank you but---"

"You do not need to say any thanks."

He kept on smiling and I kept on being the puzzled one here. I was about to open my mouth to ask when I suddenly felt someone approaching. Because of my reflexes, I grabbed on one of his sleeves and stood in front of him. I did that despite of the pain that my injuries were giving me. I“m used to it anyway.

After a few seconds, a person in black clothes appeared in front of us, kneeling. For a split second, I saw the door was already opened although it didn“t look like this newcomer entered through it. This person... Sure is fast.


What he said took me by surprise. I looked behind me only to see an amused face on a certain person. Obviously, the master here is the one I was supposed to give my thanks to.

"Fortunately, it didn“t spill."

The man passed by me as he held the ceramic cup in his hands. He then placed it on the table.

"You, with a damaged spirit,

still felt the presence of my servant. It“s truly amusing."

I don“t understand what he just said. Damaged spirit? I knew that the person who saved me is weird just from his looks and aura but, what the hell? Just where in the world am I?

The kneeling person in front of us said a few more words and when I heard "young miss", my head started to hurt. Memories then, started to flood in.

Young miss of the Ellion family: Ceres Ellion. She is the only daughter of the fifth general of the Ellion Army and the so called trash girl. Without the achievements of her late father and the reputation of her genius older brother, she is the definition of trash.

At the age of five, during the test for magic attribute, she was found to exhibit none. Coming from an old noble family, it was of course not acceptable. However, since they also have an army to command, everyone thought she could still be of used and tried to teach her everything about war tactics and battles. But, unfortunately, she really can“t learn anything. She knew her place in the family and accepted everything that came with it. Being a disgrace, they abandoned her and left her with the least and lowest quality of resources available. But because her brother was a genius in both martial arts and magic and that he was accepted as a disciple by the Soaring Dragons“ Headmaster, they didn“t dare to do anything that would endanger or harm her. Well, luck was not really on her side. As soon as her brother left for school to further train and enhance his skills, she was left with no one.

Bullsh*t! What“s the use of keeping her if they wouldn“t treat her as a person? This girl may as well be dead and her brother may as well return from school only to find his little sister in a grave.

At the age of 12, just when she was about to meet her childhood friend, she was killed. She was drugged and pushed to her death at the Heaven and Earth“s End, a cliff where people don“t dare to come close to.

I couldn“t find the culprit who killed her in her memories. There were also other parts which were missing like what her whole family looks like and such. It looks like it has been erased. Does this have to do with my transmigration? Well, one thing is for sure and that is unfortunately for those who harmed her, Ceres survived. And more unfortunately for them, she was not the same girl they used to know.

Ceres Ellion is already dead but I have resided in her body and whatever she needed for revenge would be paid through me.

Giventhis second chance in life, with no connection to my previous world, let mehelp this young miss with her life. I would bring death to everyone withoutthem knowing. That was my job in my previous world and that would be my goal inthis new world. -tbc

A/N (as of October 30, 2017): I“m currently editing some chapters (particularly typos and corrections in the grammar) and will do so in the future when I see fit. Thank you very much for understanding.

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