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   Chapter 64

Damsel[ed] Some Rescue Required By m i c h e l l e p a k Characters: 5819

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They left me to die and rot of boredom.

Not that focusing and straining aren“t distracting enough—they are, believe me—but Owl, Gats, Juniper, and Storm are inside, and I intend to find them.

I close my eyes and lean against the rail, aura pulsing through my veins and pounding in my ears. Telekinetically, I tear off my collar into thin, even strands and wrap my right hand. It“s all a trick of visualization, a force or sheer will power. I can feel Luce with every thought, like a shadow over my conscience. I don“t have to worry about the heat because I“m suddenly very, very cold.

Luce and I are getting along. It“s a struggle, but I need him to keep up the barrier, and he needs me not to shut him off. And it“s creepy, don“t get me wrong, sharing your body with an entity that is the literal embodiment of all your worst thoughts, of all your dirtiest sins. One day I“ll be able to push him out, but now, he“s how I keep the hostages alive.

And you“re how I help Owl win.

And it works, okay? I can“t help the creature crawling around my insides, the same why you can“t help the filth in your browser history. They“re a part of us. Yours just isn“t sentient.

I close my eyes once more for focus and weave my wings free of their ties. Thick ropes fall way at my heels. In the back of my head, the throbbing pain of energy strain keeps me awake. Another hour of keeping this up and my skull will explode.

But I don“t intend to play along for another hour.

I throw myself over the balcony and hook my hands in the rails. Metal rubs the pads on my fingers, but the thick fabric cushions the joints enough to ease the burn. My wings dangle from their blades. I can feel the electricity pulsing through the nerv

of warm, sticky sweat.

With an extra squeeze of the trim for luck, I draw back and fling myself in, landing hard in the bristly carpet. My fists pressed into the floor, I sigh with relief.

Owl chuckles, and I rise, my hands cupped together at my chest. "Had to join the party," I say. My head“s bursting. Barrier. Barrier. Keep up the barrier. It“s all I hear now between my ears, that and my pulse. I can“t help a grin as Heaven looks up, Gats looks up. With them looking on, I dip a bow. Despite their wrappings, my hands have gone red with blood. Gats glances at me, his eyes big and round, his face streaked with sweat. Looking at him, I can feel myself slipping, feel Luce peeling away the layers of me. A smile tingles on my face, one I don“t remember putting there. My body is acting on my own. A scream wells up in the back of my throat, but it“s smothered. I try to step back, but I“m stuck. Stuck.

And as I struggle to choke out words, the world falls away in a sweep of stars and darkness.


Sorry for such a short chapter! It just felt like such a natural stopping place, as the next chapter will be much longer. Have a nice night :).

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