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   Chapter 33

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"Jaylin." I close my eyes and lean against the headrest, silently begging the damn thing to swallow me whole. Anything can happen if you want it badly enough. "I don“t know if you“re aware of this, but kidnapping is illegal."

A series of crunches punctuates my words from the backseat. There“s enough pressure in my head to pop my eyes out of their sockets, so I don“t turn back to look at the girl I helped rescue. Instead, I grit my teeth and glare ahead. I know she“s back there and I know Jaylin has to turn around and plop her right back where she found the girl. That“s all I want to think about, right now, and if I try to tackle anything more serious, my head will explode.

"I“m not kidnapping her," Jaylin says. I crack an eye just to roll it at her. She lifts her eyes and stares intently through the dirty windshield, her shoulders stiff and her fingers gripped perfectly at eight and four o“clock. Jaylin may be a kidnapper, a thief, and a manipulative, psychopathic witch, but the kid can drive. The roads grow bumpier as we head deeper into country territory, the trees taller and the air sweeter. Jay cranes her head, her tousled brown hair blowing in perfect little ringlets down her shoulders. It isn“t even an illusion. She really looks this good driving a stolen van on a rescue mission. If only I were so lucky.

I stumble for words. "Y-Yeah, you are. She“s in the back and—"

"Kid?" Jaylin asks, her voice pitched so high and sweet she sounds like a cartoon girl. "Am I kidnapping you?"

"Nope." The superhero girl snaps the “p“ like she“s popping bubble gum. "I wanna know what you guys are doing."

I sigh, and as soon as I do, I decide I don“t like that. I“m supposed to be an arguer, not someone who sighs in the face of evil. But I guess I“m going to have to deal with that, letting a supervillain take the wheel, figuratively and literally. I“m doing things Jaylin“s way, apparently, but that doesn“t mean I have to like it.

Jaylin shoots me a look out of the corner of those wide, innocent eyes, a smirk drawing up on the edges of her pink lips. My fists ball almost instinctively, itching to be thrown. Trees and neon signs fly past the windows, my legs jerky and toes squirming in my sneakers. "Told ya," she says, glancing back at the road. "You ought to trust me more."

I raise my voice. "You indirectly killed me." Does it still hurt to talk? Absolutely. Each word squeezed through my stinging throat brings on a shock of pain. Jaylin keeps up her steady smirk. She knows it hurts. A puff of air escapes my lips. "No thanks. You don“t get my trust." I have to be economical with my word choice.

"Hmph." The van jerks as she pulls sharply onto a sharped. My head slams against the window. I yelp. "Whoops. Sorry, princess." She laughs, a sound so reserved and bubbly it only makes the pain burn that much more.

Save your words, Hev. Save them for your next fight with this

d the extra-gory, extra-bloody PSAs shown in Driver“s Ed don“t help.

But right now, both hands on the steering wheel and foot ground on a pedal I can“t quite think up the name of, I“m in control. For the first time in a while. I jerk the wheel and the van swerves to the side. The girl in the back screams, too. The tires don“t catch the road and though I pump the brake, the back of the vehicle fishtails out. We go spinning, spinning, spinning until I give up and lift my foot off the pedal. Trees blur by faster and faster. I can“t believe it. I go through all this to get my guys back just to get into a freaking car accident.

"Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God." Hysterical Jay is the only perk. I can only think up three things to do: pray and pump the brakes, pray and relax so I won“t shatter every bone in my body when we crash, or pray and try to steer the van back to stability.

All of the above are probably gonna end up with the three of us dead, except maybe Jay, and she cannot be milling about while I“m stuck lying there cold in a stupid metal drawer. Jaylin fights me, clawing at my arm, grabbing at the steering wheel, until I can actually feel her fingernails in my skin. The road curls into an indent and my heart flutters. One chance.

I shove Jaylin back and steer us into a ditch.


Good news, guys!

After wanting to do this since forever, I“m finally switching this book to biweekly updates! With that being said, I“m going to have to move the update dates around. I“ll be using the update schedule for the first book which means posts on WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS.

So the update schedule will look something like this—

Wednesday: Damsel【ed】: Some Rescue Required Update

Thursday: N/A

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Saturday: Damsel【ed】: Some Rescue Required Update

Sunday: Stolen Souls Update

Monday: N/A

Tuesday: N/A

So excited! Have a great day you guys, and I hope you didn“t mind the hold too much. :)

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