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   Chapter 14

Damsel[ed] Some Rescue Required By m i c h e l l e p a k Characters: 3571

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What do you do when you“re turning into a monster? I don“t know. I don“t know and I think I“ll scream.

My eye goes into tunnel vision, my skin burning like I have a fever. My heart pounds so fast I think it“ll tear out of my chest and flop on the floor, still beating to the drum rhythms of Slipknot or whatever else it is Heaven listens to these days.

I can“t help wondering if that“s ever happened before, if someone“s heart burst out of their chest because they were scared or angry or caffeinated. Some supers have hearts that beat over a thousand times per minute, which is physically impossible and should kill them, but what“s "possible" is more of a guideline these days.

After all, what scientists once called "impossible" is now "Well, we can“t explain it. Maybe everything we“ve ever learned about Earth and human life and the universe is wrong. We don“t know. Now shut up and let us cry over this complete anarchy with a tub of mint chocolate chip Blue Bunny."

For half a second I contemplate tearing out my heart just to see if I can

you“re meant to be. Don“t fight it. You can“t hold it off anyway.

"Oh, shut up already!" My head swims, like I“ve just downed a cup of that awful beer from Hallowfest. The city sags when I land. All around me, the little sidewalk trees brown and their leaves turn crispy and die. My aura is stronger now. It tugs at me and consumes me, the way fire eats through a rickety old shack.

Get a grip, get a grip, get a grip, something inside me cries.

And I tell that thing to shut it.


To tell the truth, I don“t exactly know what I did. My memory is hazy. All I know is that I jumped out my bedroom window, my aura went crazy, and now I“m lying on a pile of plastic crates that smell of rotting fish.

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