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   Chapter 12

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When the dust settles, I“m alone in the back of some creep“s van. Everything hurts. I curl into a ball and bury my face into the floor, the smell of blood and antiseptic so powerful my eyes water.

I tried screaming for help and all, but no one“s going to come to my aid. I know that now. So I just lie here, listening to the supervillains and their conversations, trying to form a plan. I have to escape. I can“t wait for Galaxy to save me from these people. The vehicle jolts, throwing me against its side. I bite hard on the inside of my cheek and try not to cry.

I didn“t mean to sacrifice myself for Heaven. All I wanted was to give her a shot at escaping. I knew she shouldn“t have gone out, not with her powers weakened and not when those Snare folks wanted her. So I kicked around a few plastic plants in the lobby, cursed her name, and left to find her. I wouldn“t be nice either. I“d take her home no matter how hard she fought. Maybe then she“d know how annoying her babying actually was.

But then I heard her scream. It made my blood go cold and every part of me tense up. Couldn“t move if I tried. Then came that sinister supervillain laughter, and by God, I ran so fast Speedy Gonzalez could eat my gravel.

She wasn“t that far either. A gang had cornered her in an alley, and I really, really tried to help her. No matter how mad I was for her being so bossy, I didn“t anyone to hurt her. She was my best friend and I cared more about her than anyone in the whole world.

But I never expected this. I never expected they“d shrug her off and take me instead.

And, man, I can“t stop shaking. I feel like someone socked me right in the gut. Hev and Angel and I had to cheat death and fight for every bloody second of our freedom.

And now, at least for me, it“s gone. I close my eyes and try to focus on the van“s vibrations.

I wikihowed this stuff. As soon as I got home from the first ordeal, I flipped open my school-issued laptop and read every article on surviving a kidnapping. I had a feeling I“d get caught again. The adults were too easy on us last time we escaped, just letting us skip on our merry way with a wink and a smirk. Sure, Angel had Jay-Cat. Sure, he looked murderous and they couldn“t risk their precious little Cat. Sure, they probably thought she would“ve stopped us, but still. They knew it wouldn“t be hard to get us back. And they weren“t wrong. At least, not for me.

The van jolts again and I take note. Tip number six on that Wikihow article said to memorize how the terrain feels, so you can make a map with your mind or something

"Do you think she“ll be okay?"

"Of course she“ll be okay. So he knocked her out. If anyone won“t be okay, it“s the cat guy back there."

I remember way back when in the costume store how Angel punched that Electra lady and the henchmen said pretty much the same thing. Now though, I“m alone and Angel isn“t here to trip up my kidnapper. I“m so frustrated I want to scream. "I can hear you, you know," I mutter into the floor.

God, I“m always just a stupid consolation prize. When Cat lost Angel, she took me, just so she could have a prisoner to show for her bloody effort. And now this. If I“m going to be kidnapped, I“d at least like to be purposely kidnapped, not just, "Oh, hey! There“s the dude who“s a cat. Why not capture him for kicks."

"Aww, poor thing! He sounds so tired! Go to sleep, little pet."

I lift my head. "I am not your pet..." I“m not even angry. I“m just too tired. Normally, I drop off every two hours, but I haven“t slept since last night. My eyes are pinned wide. A cat nap now will kill me.

"Oh! He“s such a cute thing! What do you think Owl will do with him?"

"Hmm. Leverage, that“s a given. Maybe she“ll convert him over. He has to be useful somehow..."

"Do you think she“ll sell him off? Send him to another branch?"

My stomach flops. Sell him off. I almost tell myself Galaxy will save me, but then I remember who she really is and sigh. "Please..." I say groggily.

"Don“t tak

hat what Galaxy called you? You“re the one who faked his death. Oh, how amusing. You fought so hard just to end up at my feet."

My shoulders sag a little. She“s so right. "I didn“t fight that hard." I huff. "It just kind of sucks is all."

"Mmm-hmm." She huffs. I“ve lost her interest and I hear her turn away from me. I guess she“s the type that likes to move around when she talks."I am the only one who decides who is and isn“t worth my time, Rose. I have no advisors, and Lord willing, I have no friends! At least, none who are henchmen like yourself." There“s quiet, then the shift of Someone, Owl most likely, inches the hood off my face. I blink hard. I“m staring straight up and lying frozen, focusing hard on the ceiling“s stucco. Owl taps my temple, and I cringe, wanting to do anything to get away from her. "Interesting." The light is low, and out of the corner of my eye I see my other two captors, knelt on one knee in a straight line. It“s creepy how much respect they show Owl. It almost feels cultish.

The room itself is odd. It“s Beige walls, drab brown drapes, a clean mahogany desk holding a printer and a—fax machine? Is that a fax machine? Good God! I can just imagine Owl faxing stuff to people and I choke on a laugh.

No one seems to notice. "A henchman!" Rose cries. "I am not a henchman!" She slams her fist into the desk. A crack splits it down the middle. "I“d rather die before being called one!"

My shoulders jolt. The room is charged and Owl races over. She“s in civilian clothing; skinny jeans, gold pumps, and a white sweater I guess is made of cashmere or something. Her hair is flat and sleek, and I can“t help thinking how Heaven would never dress anything like her. It“s almost funny to think about, Heaven in her big XXL hoodies that drape over her like nightgowns.

I remember Toby once shoving two hundred-dollar-bills into her hand and making her swear to spend it in the mall. "Go to a Forever 21 or an H&M or wherever it is kids these days shop, I don“t know. Just go to a store where all the cool, hip teens hang to buy cool, hip clothes and buy something."

So Heaven walked into an Urban Outfitters, walked out, and blew half the money in a chocolate store next door.

My chest tightens. God, I would do anything to go back to those easy times. Something coos, startled. I twist my head to see a birdcage that had once been hidden behind the fax machine now flipped from Rose“s sudden attack. I squint. A dove stares back at me from behind her bars, cooing sleepily as she rustles her clipped wings. I feel a sharp pang in my stomach. Never in my short, miserable life have I felt so much pity for a dumb bird.

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