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   Chapter 71

Damsel[ed] No Rescue Required By m i c h e l l e p a k Characters: 3194

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Smoke twists over the burning capitol. I can see it from my perch, out in the abandoned apartment I fell into earlier, protected in Heaven“s arms. My eyes are bleary, burning with soot, the phantom reek of my father“s aura burning in my nose. Dad promised to take the girl-hero back home, and though he doesn“t have a great history with heroes, I know he“ll do just as he says. So, I watch, crouched on the crushed roof shingles. Gray slats, faded and chipped from sun and weather, are stacked up one and top of the other for a perch. I scramble up them to get a better view, massaging my temples.

The thing about having wings is that you, yourself, are a bit birdy. That means raptor vision, and though mine is less than crystal after losing my powers to Angel what feels so long ago, I can scour the city. And I do.

Cars are starting to show on the streets, mostly cop cars and fire trucks and ambulances, sirens blasting red and blue. I s

nk I“ve ever written and have used it to experiment with my storytelling techniques. Flashbacks, dual Povs, third person, adult povs, villain povs. This book needs some serious editing, but I“m so glad to have written it and even more grateful to you guys for being along for this crazy ride.

With that being said, I plan on finishing this series with a third and final book, but I would also like to write a prequel about the earlier heroes and the villians in their primes. Which one would you like to read first?

P.S. Do any of you guys make covers? I“m going to need one. Name a payment and I“ll be happy to oblige!


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