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   Chapter 26

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That night after Rose accepting my proposal, I was the happiest I have ever been. I completely forgot about the fact that I couldn“t wear normal clothes anymore. Due to my current state, I was stuck with my smoke robe and the black tattoos. It kind of irked me that this happened, but Rose doesn“t seem to mind much.

I opened up a smoke portal and carrying Rose through we made it to my surprise destination. She was a little annoyed that I wouldn“t tell her where we were going but she seemed happy nonetheless.

As we stepped through the portal I watched as her eyes widened. The vast green hills as far as the eye could see was making her inner wolf almost jump with excitement. I don“t think she ever thought something like this could be possible. I smiled watching her take in the sights.

"You“re late." Came a familiar growling voice behind us which caused me to laugh and Rose to break out in a wide smile. She jumped out of my arms and turned her attention to the being behind us.

"Dad!" She shouted as she ran up to Erebus, giving him a hug. This had me slightly confused and a little jealous if I am being honest. Why jump from my arms and run to my father. Wait. Did she just say Dad? What the hell have I missed?

"Dad?" I asked with confusion evident within my voice and facial expression.

Rose seemed to grasp my state and she quickly returned to my side wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Thank you!" She whisper yelled in my ear. "Thank you."

"Care to explain why you are calling my father “dad“?" I asked her as I held to close to me. I let her lean back to look into my eyes.

"He told me to." She said with a smile. "He said that I would become his daughter-in-law anyways, so may as well get the name calling underway. Hence, “Dad“." She said with a smile and I could here my father chuckle behind her.

"You“ve grown soft father." I told him as I hugged Rose closer.

"What can I say." He shrugged his shoulders. I was a little content that he had already changed into his half human form already because I don“t think Rose could handle his true form. I am one thing, but seeing him might distress he

ind her King.

She turned to me as she let Rose return to my side. "I didn“t think that when you awakened, you would take the title of one of the most powerful gods in existence. Even more powerful than your father." She beamed with pride as I heard father growl softly. She must have noticed the wondering expression on Rose“s face so she decided to elaborate. "Michael is the Realm god. He can freely move and manipulate any realm within his grasp, much like his great-grandfather. Even Erebus and the other gods can only moved between their own realm and that of the living."

"Oh." Rose looked towards me with more amazement that I thought possible, but almost instantly it was replaced with the same loving expression I had longed to see adorning her face.

"You may have a long life ahead of you. Both of you." She said with a smile. "I can see the love you two will share and quite frankly I am little jealous." Her smile widened before it became serious. "But know this Michael. Your awakening has brought the attention of the outside realm. Be careful. They are not to be underestimated."

After the revealing information from my mother we held a small gathering with the gods as they congratulated both Rose and I. They seemed to be happy and as did Rose.

I pulled her close to me staring into her eyes. I raised my right hand and tucked some of her red hair behind her ear. I leaned in and kissed her once more.

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