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   Chapter 25

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~~~ Michael - POV ~~~


"Rose, who is this?" A familiar voice asked that sounded vaguely familiar. Anger began to well up inside of me at this interruption. Could he not have waited a few more minutes before before rudely interrupted my reunion with my little Mate? I would have let my anger take control if it was not for the soft had still caressing mine, sending through wave after wave of little shocks.

Both Rose and I turned to our interrupter as the smiles previously on our faces fell. How did he not know who I am? As his face came into view, I suddenly remembered the night he ordered Rose to reject me. I may not have had the capability of standing my ground then, but that has greatly changed. He will be let go unaffected if he intrudes once more.

"Father." Rose said with a little anger in her voice. Maybe she is thinking the same as me? "This is my Mate and I would really appreciate it if would you be quiet for the next few minutes."

"Hayden? But I thoug-" He asked as a confused looked crossed his face. He tried to continue his sentence but by uttering that name, he angered me. I disappeared out of Roses grasp and reappeared holding her fathers neck, lifting him off the ground.

"Do not utter that name." I told him as the gold in my hair began to increase before it covered all the white. "You do not have the right to utter his name." My anger was getting the better of me, but the two years locked in that realm, helped me master the control I had over it.

"Michael, please." Rose said with affection filling her voice. Her right hand softly coming to a rest on my left shoulder. "Let him go. Let“s go home."

I turned to Rose as a smile adorned my face. How could her uttering one word have this much affect on me? I dropped her father as he crumbled to the ground. He rubbed his neck as he began to back away from us.

"Michael?" He said with disgust filling his voice. I still don“t understand why he is holding these feelings towards me? I have not done anything to him and yet he loathes me. It confused me slightly. "No it can“t be." He said as he stood up, his sons quickly making their way to his side.

"And why not?" I asked him, still keeping him in my gaze.

"She is mated to Hayden! Not you. Not the abomination with no emotions!" He uttered in disgust. Did he not see how his words were affecting Rose? I could let him go with mentioning my brother due to the fact that Rose would rather me not hurt her father, but hurting Rose was out of the question.

"I advise you to choose your words carefully. I do not take kindly to hurt your causing my Queen." I told him letting some of my power seep into my voice. To be honest, I have not yet had a chance to test out my newfound powers against th

A week after my return, I was happier than I have ever been. I had Rose by my side and the pack enjoying their time together. Logan and Oberon still stick around, but I can sense that they know something that they shouldn“t. Yet. Those perceptive bastards. I chuckled internally.

The night of our vows to the pack that both Rose and I would guard this pack and rule with a compassionate view, I decided to take things further.

Just as our vows were completed I stepped forward to address the numerous pack members, which has greatly grown in my absence.

"Thank you all for your acceptance of both Rose and myself. I am aware that my appearance now takes some getting used to, but I hope to it doesn“t affect our friendships. That being said, there is one more item on tonight“s agenda that I have kept hidden from you all." I smiled as the multiple looks of confused were cast my way. I turned to Rose and motioned for her to join me at the front of the small stage. Taking my hands in hers.

"Rose. I know we did not have the best of beginnings and the gods know that we have both suffered greatly. But their is always a silver lining." I smiled to her as she stared at me in shock. I think she is beginning to figure out what I have planned. "I know technically we have not been together for very long, but you have made me the happiest I have ever been. I would like to request the honour of becoming your husband. To be the last person you kiss goodnight and to be the first you see in the morning. I want the privilege of fathering your pups and the privilege to call you my wife. So." I said as I passed and watched the tears roll down her cheeks. A large smile covering her face.

"Rose O“Brien. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?" I asked as I knelt and raised a little crimson box that Logan helped me smuggle without her knowledge.

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