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   Chapter 24

The Last Of Us By AliasToBi Characters: 7123

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No. This can“t be happening again.

How can all this happen in one lifetime? The first wave of Ancients was hard enough to deal with, but then we had Michael“s help. How are we are going to deal with this now. The gods have stopped coming to Earth for reasons unknown to us and now we have been left by ourselves.

I need Michael. I miss. I thought as I watched the multicoloured lightning dance around the golden white fur covered arm take hold of the ground. It looked as if it was pulling the rest of it, trying to break free of the portal.

The lightning increased as more and more bolts struck the earth. Everyone here watched at the carnage it unleashed on the ground and everyone here was a little scared of trying to get closer.

The arm began to strain more and more as it pulled the rest of its body through the portal. After about twenty or so minutes of watching we didn“t notice that the supernatural council had arrived to watch alongside us. Now they come.

It seems they have gotten their behinds in gear after the comments uncle Alastair gave. In my mind, I think they finally realized that the paths they were taking were in fact not approved by the gods. Even though they thought they were. It was a little funny to think about it.

A shoulder appeared with the arm and I noticed a large gash across it, leaking golden blood. When the head appeared, I truly became scared. I have never seen anything like this before. I know it has similar traits to a werewolf of movie fiction, but the size, colour, aura, and the eyes of it were beyond my understanding.

It“s eyes had the normal white of the eyeballs, but the irises were pitch black and seemed to be swirling around in a clockwise rotation. Every so often, I bright light would appear within the black and then instantly be swallowed as if it was never there. Its irises were pure white giving this monster a terrifying aura.

It was an aura filled with killing intent and determination. Whatever this monster was, either it had just finished a fight or it was looking for another. As the rest of the head emerged, I noticed it carrying a very simi

nd and touched his chest as the sparks shot through my arm making it feel slightly numb. I looked up hoping that what I was seeing was truly real. I saw the faint smile of his lips as his own right hand softly caressed my cheek. I leaned into his touch sighing softly. How I have missed this touch.

I looked up at him once more and ever so softly, his lips touched mine. He was gentle at first but then the hunger consumed us both. Ours tongues fought for dominance which he eventually won. He broke the kiss causing me to moan at the sudden loss.

How could I have ever thought something like this could happen? For two years I have waited. For two years I have longed for this very moment. And now I have it. I have never felt happier than I do at this moment.

"Hi." He said softly still holding my cheek.

"Hi." I replied as I brought my left hand to caress the hand holding my cheek.

Two years and this was our reunion. Two years and all we could say was “Hi“. I didn“t care. I was happy. He could remain silent and still I would love this moment.

"My little Mate." He said with a chuckle as he pecked my lips softly. But even things like this have to end. Even at the greatest high, there is always something or someone who makes you crash down. I just wish they could“ve waited a few more minutes.

"Rose, who is this?" My father said in an awed tone, but somehow displayed his anger within his voice.

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