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   Chapter 23

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~~~ Rose POV ~~~


Two Years Later

"Alpha." Logan“s voice boomed as he entered the office of the pack house. "There has been another call. Sooner or later, you need to call them back."

"Explain to me why that counts as a good idea to you?" I replied as I set my pen down on the multitude of papers in front of me.

"You know why." He replied as he sat down on the couch to the front left of the office desk.

"That is not reason enough." I told him then put a smile on my face. "You know you have become far more relax than you were with Michael around. Why is that?"

"Annastasia is the cause of most of it." He said with a smile. "And when I served Michael, before you came into his life once again, he was difficult to be around. Only the kids seemed to be able to get him to act human."

"I miss him." I confessed to Logan with a smile, remembering all the moments I had with Michael.

"We all do. Especially the kids." Logan said as he leaned forward and clasped his hands. "They keep asking when he will be back."

"He will be back." I told Logan with a stern face. "Dad said so." Logan seemed to find that funny as he burst out laughing. "What are you laughing at?"

"I just never thought that I would hear The Wolf God, Erebus, be referred to as Dad." Logan said as he managed to get his laughing under control.

"He told me to call him that!" I smiled. "Stop laughing." I added as I began to laugh with him.

"It“s still funny. By the way, the new additions of the were-bear clan into the pack has proved successful." He added with a smile but still serious nonetheless. "That idea is proving to be a great one. We are also gaining a reputation of the first mixed pack in existence."

"Well, something Alastair said once, about how the species of this world are at a constant battle, had me thinking. If they meant for us to co-exist, why can“t we? This is all I could think of." I told him as I moved from the desk to the opposite couch.

"And it seems to be working. We have wolves, vampires, were-bears, as well as a few fairies." Logan said just before the door burst open.

"And don“t forget me." Came a female voice, slig

ather a pure white. The same white hair he seemed to have when he got angry.

"Rose!" Logan shouted once more as his gaze shifted south. "Something is happening at the Greystone house."

At the mention of its name, we all ran as fast as we could to the house. It was the first time I outran Logan. Needless to say, my old family was left in our wake. How did I become this fast?

We made it to the house within thirty minutes to see black, blue, and red lightning shooting out of the shattered house. Striking the ground around it. Nothing like this happened two years ago. The portal itself didn“t generate this kind of power.

Since that incident two year ago, this land had become unlivable. Nothing grew here. No grass. No trees. No animals. It was now considered barren lands. Since the event two years ago, the US army had allocated some of its budget to our pack. They finally came around to the existence of supernatural creatures and although they could not do anything in the fight. They still wanted to ensure that the people who could, would live comfortably.

"What is going on?" I asked to no one in particular. I would doubt anyone could explain what was happening.

Suddenly a large clawed arm covered in white fur with shining gold tips, burst from the middle of the energy and smacked down on the ground. The arm was at least two meters wide. It was bigger than those other Ancients from two years ago.

No. This can“t be happening again.

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