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   Chapter 22

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~~~ No POV ~~~


Everyone watched as the four gods ascended from the glowing blue inscription circles. Oberon stood still as his father came into view. Never in his wildest imaginations did he ever think he would see his father once more.

Rose shifted into her wolf form out of anger and stress. She couldn“t handle the fact that Michael had to fight alone. Without any assistance from any other. In her mind she began to think of an old saying she once heard growing up.

The strongest are often the loneliest.

Out of the many soldiers, hunter“s and other people that were there in the beginning. Only a handful remained. The lead hunter“s daughter, Rose, Logan, Oberon, and seven other soldiers stood still watching the fight unfold between Michael and the gods.

Even the Ancients seemed to be fazed enough only focus their attention on Michael. They barely moved from where they were standing. The King and Queen smiled evilly as they watched their plan unfold. They thought that the gods would be enough. They had spent hundreds of years perfecting the binding magic that they have used.

No thought that they would witness the gods overwhelming Michael and then quickly the tables turning. After his sudden shift into four different forms merging them into one, the power he possessed was phenomenal.

When Michael shot the energy shield towards the gods, Rose knew why he told her to stop. He just wanted to protect her. He didn“t want her involved within the fight. But when he turned to her and told her that he loved her, her heart skipped a few beats.

She was confined within the wonder and awe of the simple sentence that was spoken. At that moment she felt happy. She felt ecstatic. That was all she wanted. For him to love her. In all this, she didn“t realize why he had said it.

She didn“t realize that is was a goodbye message. Not until she saw him smiling while holding the King and Queen by their throats. Not until he flew downwards into the portal.

As soon as they disappeared within the portal, a bright column of glowing blue energy burst upwards into the sky. Glowing red inscriptions of varying languages, old and new, began to slide upwards before the dissipated and the column of energy came shooting down.

The portal, forcibly closed, cut off the energy needed for the Ancients to continue roaming. They soon ceased all movement before they solidified into stone. Once all t

Mate“s sacrifice?"

"I don“t understand, your Deity." Kalen shivered slightly in fear. "The fight has been won. Celebrations should ensue."

"This is why our lineage has dwindled. This is why the species of this planet are in constant battle." The dragon god said with a snarl. "All you think about is reputations and celebrations. Yet nothing of the fellow inhabitants on this planet. If I had known that my lineage would fall as low as you, I would not have let it continue."

Kalen“s face fell at the dragon god“s confession.

"Now, now, Alastair." The familiar growl of Erebus filled the air. He appeared out of a black shadow as if stepping through a door. "Let the poor boy go. The council has something far more worrisome to deal with."

"Erebus, what are you talking about?" Alastair said with a chuckle as he turned his attention away from Kalen and towards Erebus.

"I know my son. When he returns and he learns of the disrespect his Queen has been shown. The council, aside from Oberon of course, will face his wrath. He may never admit it, but he values young Rose here more than himself, or his destiny." Erebus said still in his growling voice.

He made his way over to Rose and the other gods immediately moved out of the way as if he was their superior. He knelt down in from of Rose and lifted her chin so she faced him.

"Hello Rose." Erebus said in a growl which seemed to slightly frighten Rose. "My apologies. It is not my intent to scare you, but merely a greet."

"A greet? Why?" Rose said slightly confused.

"Because, you will be my daughter-in-law one day." He said with an affectionate chuckle.

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