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   Chapter 21

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I reappeared in front of the Ancient that had both threatened Rose as well as almost killed Logan. I clenched my right fist and brought it down onto the Ancient“s head, killing it in an instant.

The black smoke robe I was clad in now reverted into more of a half robe, only covering my lower body. My torso was now covered in black tribal like tattoos that seemed to flow within themselves. As if they were constantly moving.

I made sure Rose was fine and safe before I turned my attention to the King and Queen. As i slowly walked over to them, the Ancients thought that was the chance to kill me. However, they were mistaken. With my smoke robe, I formed thick smoke spears and let them shoot towards the charging Ancients. They fell one by one as I closed the distance between myself and the King and Queen.

"So you seem to have realized who you are." The Queen says with a smile. "Finally, we can have some fun." She began to giggle.

"Who I am is no concern of yours." I told her in monotone. "But you have brought danger to someone I am very concerned with. That just won“t do."

The King lunged towards me with the same speed he used previously. However, this time he seemed rather slow. I deflected his punch to my left before bringing my right leg up. Leaning back I used the momentum to kick his side sending him rolling on the ground for some ten or so meters.

The Queen began to laugh as she lunged towards me as well. As she aimed a kick for my chest. I grabbed her leg and threw her towards the now standing King. Causing them to crash to the ground once more.

I didn“t think accepting who I really was would be this beneficial. I felt more power than I thought I could possess. I know I have said that in the past, but it is no less true.

The King and Queen stood up while glaring at me. I didn“t think they were expecting to be so outclassed. The King tensed his muscles, bringing forth all his power. However, the Queen remained where she was. The King lunged at me at the same time the Queen smacked her hands against the ground. A circular scripture, with words I have never seen before, began to take form. Something was going on.

I dodged the King“s first few attacks that were aimed at my head while trying to focus on what the Queen was doing. I ducked the next attack and brought my right arm forward and hit the King“s chest with a loud thud, causing him to skid backwards.

Just as I glanced up the Queen stood as well with a smile on her face. Four identical glowing blue circles formed in front of her. What has she done? I suddenly began to have a bad feeling about this.

Then the circles began to electrify and bodies began to rise from them. One for each circle. As the bodies began to rise, the knowledge that was swirling around my head suddenly came forth. I knew these people. I knew who they are. What they are.

Their eyes opened to reveal all black. Not a speck of white.

I was now facing the four gods that lost their lives during the last battle against the Ancients. Or at least they should have lost their liv

rge bright red energy ball in front of my chest and soon black smoke began to swirl around it. As thrust my arms outwards, the energy ball split into dozens of streams and shot towards all four of the guards. Some of the shots were successful while others just completely missed.

This distraction allowed me the necessary time to concentrate on the final form. My black tattoo“s began to swirl faster and faster until it covered my entire body from the neck down. The black substance soon began to leak from my finger tips and fell to the earth with soft sizzles. It would seem that this substance was acidic in nature.

With my final form in place, I stared down the four gods who seemed to be taken aback. It would seem that some of their functions and emotions were still there.

I knew what I needed to do. I began to condense as much power and energy as I could, bottling it up all around me. The gods stayed still, watching me, sizing me up. They were cautious.

When I had enough energy I let out a loud roar and shot the energy forward. It formed a large half sphere formed out of golden energy and black lightning. Black smoke trailed behind the energy shield as it shot forward. The ground within its path broke apart and cracked under the impact.

The gods tried to defend but the amount of power I put into the attack was more than they could handle and they stumbled before falling to the ground. I turned to Rose as a blood tear fell from my eyes. The golden tear hitting my chest and swirling within the black substance.

"I“m sorry." I said with a smile. "I love you." I added as I shot forward towards the King and Queen. My speed was to much for them in their current state and they were easily caught off guard. I grabbed them both by their throats and began to pull them quickly towards the portal. I flew above the shattered house as I took one last glance at Rose who was now in human form with a camouflage blanket around her. Smiling one last time.

I flew downwards into the portal. Taking the King and Queen with me.

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