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   Chapter 20

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~~~ Michael - POV ~~~


At first I was under the King“s hand being held down against the earth and the next, I hear a loud scream. The voice sounded familiar. Very familiar. Rose! It came to me.

Suddenly my anger welled up further than it has ever before. My vision began to cloud over with the tinge of red. Wait, that“s not my vision. It“s the sky. The sky is actually turning red.

All of a sudden the hand still grabbing my face disappeared and so did everything else. I was back staring at the blue sky of Erebus“ world, with the familiar pain of the transference of pain between us. I screamed in pain, shouting internally. Screaming in reality.

Erebus was kneeling beside me as the pain flooded through me. I wanted to reach out and smack my hand against his head as hard as I could for putting me through this again. But I found I couldn“t move my body as I wanted. To be honest, I couldn“t move it at all. Something else was moving it. Someone else.

I faintly remember this moment happening and that Erebus whispered something into my ear but I couldn“t hear it. Is this why I am reliving all this pain? Something better come out of this.

His head came lower as it stopped right near my right ear. I could feel his breath blow against my ear as I finally heard what he needed to say.

"This is the power you were meant to wield." He began as his growl turned soft. "This power is your destiny. Understand it. Believe in it. And you will become something far more than you could have ever dreamed of. Become what I always knew you would be, my son."

What? That“s not possible there is no way that could possibly be true. No. I killed my father. I watched Hayden and my own mother become Ancients. There is no way Erebus could be my father. I mean, what about Hayden. We are twins. Does that mean Hayden is Erebus“ son too?

Then my vision blurred once again and now I was floating in front of the old Greystone house. But, it looked different. Smaller. It was a dreary night with thunderstorms raging across the skies.

Rain poured off the roof into the gutters, and then down into the drain. When was this? I have never remembered a night like this? I have seen storms before but this one is stronger than any before.

Suddenly black mist began to swell up near the front door as it began to swirl in a clockwise rotation. What the hell is happening there? I tried to take a closer look but I couldn“t. My body was suspended in mid air.

e bones.

The adults around the fight were stunned and became slightly frightened.

The Alpha, our father ordered the rogue to be taken to the dungeons as his gaze never left Michael. As Michael began to calm down, Hayden made his was out of the nursery with small tears rolling down his cheeks.

"He killed Hannah." Hayden said behind sobs. I thought he was referring to the rogue, but his hateful glare found my face instead. I couldn“t believe it. He was right there and already he has lied about how this little girl died.

This was the day that my so called father first beat me. The beginning of my torment.

This is real. They really aren“t my parents. I am the son of Erebus and I actually almost awakened when I was only six years old. Instead of helping, Adam instead beat the fear into me. Causing me to recluse myself.

I really am the son of a god. Amazing.

Suddenly I was shoved back into my body still being held down by the King. Power flooded through my system.

The sky darkened into the same red colour I saw previously. Slight bursts of black lightning began to dance around my body causing the composure of the King to falter.

With a sudden shock wave emanating from my body, the King was shot backwards towards his Queen. My eyes began to glow an even brighter gold as my hair shortened to shoulder length. Unfortunately it remained white.

I floated into a standing position as the lightning continued to rippled off my body. Multiple bolts striking the ground around me.

I willed the lightning to transform into black mist and as it began to swarm around me, I used the speed I now found to be enhanced and instantly disappeared.

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